137 Commits (develop)

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Henrik Bengtsson 68f68701a2 more cleanup 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson 6dce1d35e5 map() is formally deprecated; use mapping() instead 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson bc8ed0627f t(): faster implementation without using aperm() [#22] 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson 2f9a8e67b9 REVDEP: Recheck with 9 revep packages [ci skip] 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson 9560e49eb0 Add t() for list environments 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson a7bca6729c aperm(): forgot to update dim and dimnames; names are preserved [#28] 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson 156c64a8f0 Add aperm() for list-environment arrays 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson c3b12fec63 parse_env_subset() gained argument 'is_variable' 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson 1dc82644c7 Use term 'element' instead of 'variable' 4 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson 9eeea23cad sprintf() mistake in print() for listenv; Fixes #46 8 months ago
Henrik Bengtsson e0e62b0f23 CLEANUP: Previously defunct listenv(length = n) now produce a listenv with an element named 'length' 1 year ago
Henrik Bengtsson 1602bf7a57 S3 method lengths.listenv() is no longer exported 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson 829df27a54 roxygen2 fix: can only use one @method per block 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson 4dc40d0ac2 @S3method was dropped in roxygen2 7.0.0 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson ccf2363790 Made several error messages more informative. The downside is that 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson 38f3afb271 BUG FIX: parse_env_subset(x[1, names]) on a listenv 'x' matrix could throw obscure error [#43] 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson 00637f6e1f BUG FIX: parse_env_subset(x[]) on a listenv 'x' gave an error [#41] 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson 2754c8b6ea BUG FIX: Several fixes of parse_env_subset() [#40,#42] 2 years ago
Henrik Bengtsson c4c3d11925 ROBUSTNESS: Using attr(..., exact = TRUE) everywhere 3 years ago
hb b7f062c0e5 CLEANUP: Don't specify arguments for NextMethod(). 3 years ago
hb 251138d457 PERFORMANCE: Using barebone stop_if_not() rather than base::stopifnot() - the latter has some overhead and more so in R (>= 3.5.0) 3 years ago
hb af08c2ab71 Small speedup in eval() call by specifying 'enclos' explicitly 3 years ago
hb 62f23dee07 linting [ci skip] 3 years ago
hb 48d501049d HELP: Using Markdown-flavored Roxygen2 3 years ago
hb 65b2e928a3 TESTS: Now also testing that it works to assign NULL using replicated indices [#34] 3 years ago
hb e5d19c2298 Add support for dropping elements using x[, B] <- NULL [#34] 3 years ago
hb 7af3a18dcc Add array_drop() 3 years ago
hb b264e291b5 Add dim_na(x) <- dims 3 years ago
hb c37ec9b33e BUG FIX: print() on a named, empty list environment would output an empty string [#39] 3 years ago
hb 19ae9d6a96 Now it is possible to remove multiple elements by assigning NULL [#38] 3 years ago
hb ef27a4e86f Function map() has been renamed to mapping() [#37] 3 years ago
hb 5c6921e47c Clarify that lengths() for list environments does not work for R 3.2.x 3 years ago
hb 06d5a919c4 Tweak defunct error message 3 years ago
hb 81a28d7a3f parse_env_subset(): more internal validation and more details in help 4 years ago
hb 44fe441a75 Spelling (thxs @EdwardBetts #35) 4 years ago
hb 8c28d9e750 REFACTORING: internal stopf() and warnf(). linting 4 years ago
hb 3a44ddd295 CLEANUP: Drop unused statement (thxs lintr) 4 years ago
hb 9ab0269ee8 STYLE: Adding a few #nolint declarations 4 years ago
hb 912371ecc0 CLEANUP: Drop unnecessary arguments (using default values) 4 years ago
hb 7a50bd4262 STYLE: snake_case internal hpaste() 4 years ago
hb 281b2a0800 CLEANUP: listenv(length = n) is now defunct 4 years ago
hb 39d28b97e2 More linting tweaks 4 years ago
hb 2ef3d52a48 STYLE: More lintr conformation 4 years ago
hb 97939b072a Now dim(x) <- dim works on length(x) == 0 (Issue #33) 4 years ago
hb 02a26da895 STYLE: Adjusted code style based on lintr 4 years ago
hb 4d9d83f913 BACKPORT: Tweak so listenv builds on R (< 3.2.0) 5 years ago
hb 1a676f02ad Add lengths() for listenv [#14] 5 years ago
hb e8917ca0a7 CLEANUP: Using seq_along(x) and seq_len(n) everywhere 5 years ago
hb 3fffd8fe66 Added is.matrix(), is.array(), as.vector() and as.matrix() for list environments [#27] 5 years ago
hb 1ddbb0b5a8 CLEANUP: future 0.10.0 is on CRAN. Dropping hidden workaround for future 0.9.0 tests 6 years ago