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Org Docs

The Micro company handbook, product roadmap, team and contribution guide.


Micro is the fastest way to build, share and collaborate on services in the Cloud and beyond. Our goal is to continue on this mission in an open and collaborative way, both as a team and community. Up until now most of our ideas and development have revolved around discussions in Slack.

This repo serves as an open forum for collaboration, design docs and the roadmap.


  • company - collaboration, culture, growth, rules of engagement, vision
  • design - where the design docs live
  • glossary - a glossary of terms and explanation of brand, company, project, product
  • ideas - a scratch space for new ideas and things in flux
  • issues - where we track work
  • product - product and planning related docs
  • release - our release process
  • roadmap - where the product roadmap lives


  • Open an Issue to start a discussion with the company
  • Open a Pull Request for any design docs, edits, etc
  • Take real time conversations to Slack for fast feedback
  • Help shape the roadmap by engaging with the company