2185 Commits (master)

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  Lunny Xiao 280f4bebbf Move issue label operations to issue service package (#8553) 1 day ago
  John Olheiser 240f46a422 Fix template error on account page (#8562) 1 day ago
  Lunny Xiao 945f121262
Fix bug on pull requests when transfer head repository (#8564) 2 days ago
  John Olheiser 7c4c01c0fd Fix review webhooks (#8570) 2 days ago
  Lunny Xiao d151503d34 Upgrade xorm to v0.8.0 (#8536) 3 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD c748deef33 don't ignore error message (#8550) 3 days ago
  zeripath fcb535c5c3
Sign merges, CRUD, Wiki and Repository initialisation with gpg key (#7631) 4 days ago
  zeripath e1505d6250
Add missed close in ServeBlobLFS (#8527) 4 days ago
  guillep2k 31655aabfc Fix password complexity regex for special characters (on master) (#8525) 4 days ago
  Colin Arnott 66e99d722a upgrade (#8501) 4 days ago
  zeripath 167e8f18da
Restore Graceful Restarting & Socket Activation (#7274) 5 days ago
  blueworrybear 8c909820a9 Enable Uploading/Removing Attachments When Editing an Issue/Comment (#8426) 5 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 20477a69ea
Move clearlabels from models to issue service (#8326) 5 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 34fb9d68a5 Move AddTestPullRequestTask to pull service package from models (#8324) 5 days ago
  6543 733c898a90 [Branch View] Add Included TAG (#8449) 5 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 0be992a1e2 Make static resouces web browser cache time customized on app.ini (#8442) 5 days ago
  jaqra 086bfb8b4b Add pagination to commit graph page (#8360) 5 days ago
  David Svantesson 366806db32 Fix errors in create org UI regarding team access permission. (#8506) 5 days ago
  Maxim Tkachenko db657192d0 Password Complexity Checks (#6230) 6 days ago
  Lunny Xiao e3e44a59d0 Update migrated repositories' issues/comments/prs poster id if user has a github external user saved (#7751) 6 days ago
  Lunny Xiao f2a3abc683
Move migrating repository from frontend to backend (#6200) 1 week ago
  Lunny Xiao 46a12f196b
Move change issue title from models to issue service package (#8456) 1 week ago
  Tekaoh b6616591d1 Check for either escaped or unescaped wiki filenames (#8408) 1 week ago
  guillep2k 4843723d00 Allow users with explicit read access to give approvals (#8382) 1 week ago
  Lunny Xiao 170743c8a0 Revert "Fix issues/pr list broken when there are many repositories (#8409)" (#8427) 1 week ago
  Lunny Xiao 78438d310b
Fix issues/pr list broken when there are many repositories (#8409) 1 week ago
  silverwind 08896cd9f6 add file line count info on UI (#8396) 1 week ago
  guillep2k fb7c23f911 Fix editor commit to new branch if PR disabled (#8375) 2 weeks ago
  Mario Lubenka f92a0b68fe Bugfix for image compare and minor improvements to image compare (#8289) 2 weeks ago
  Tekaoh e3eb9fa33d Fix a comment typo (#8358) 2 weeks ago
  Aam Surganda bcd4af483d Change general form binding to gogs form (#8334) 2 weeks ago
  David Svantesson 90ab3056eb Api: advanced settings for repository (external wiki, issue tracker etc.) (#7756) 2 weeks ago
  Lunny Xiao 7ff783b732
Move mirror to a standalone package from models (#7486) 2 weeks ago
  David Svantesson 36bcd4cd6b API endpoint for searching teams. (#8108) 2 weeks ago
  Lunny Xiao 3249c0ccba
Extract actions on deletereleasebyid from models to release service (#8219) 2 weeks ago
  Lunny Xiao e6113000c5
Extract actions on new issue from models to services (#8217) 2 weeks ago
  David Svantesson 9c2a58456a Fix repo_admin_change_team_access always checked in org settings (#8319) 2 weeks ago
  David Svantesson c6fb7fe27c Fix API for edit and delete release attachment (#8285) 3 weeks ago
  Lunny Xiao eb11ca6847
Extract actions on new pull request from models to pulls service and move to (#8218) 3 weeks ago
  Sandro Santilli d958b9db4f Alwaywas return local url for users avatar (#8245) 3 weeks ago
  Lunny Xiao 061388379a Move create issue comment to comments package (#8212) 3 weeks ago
  Lunny Xiao 5a438ee3c0
Move all mail related codes from models to services/mailer (#7200) 3 weeks ago
  David Svantesson a0e88dfc2e Add teams to repo on collaboration page. (#8045) 3 weeks ago
  guillep2k 2a2b46c62e Reference issues from pull requests and other issues (#8137) 1 month ago
  guillep2k 8a0379d68a Allow registration when button is hidden (#8237) 1 month ago
  jaqra 28362195a0 Add 'Mentioning you' group to /issues page (#8201) 1 month ago
  Lunny Xiao 04ca7f0047 Refuse merge until all required status checks success (#7481) 1 month ago
  Lunny Xiao 29454733b4
move some milestone functions to a standalone package (#8213) 1 month ago
  techknowlogick a60d3cbea2 Remove legacy handling of drone token (#8191) 1 month ago
  Mario Lubenka a37236314c Adds side-by-side diff for images (#6784) 1 month ago