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refactor(app): introduce webpack and babel (#2407) * feat(agent): add new host page * feat(agent): convert volume-browser to files-datatable * fix(agent): browse folders in file-datatable * feat(engine-details): replace engine view with host view * feat(engine-details): remove old panels * feat(engine-details): add basic engine-details-panel component * feat(engine-details): pass details to the different components * feat(engine-details): replace host-view with host-overview * feat(engine-details): add commaseperated filter * feat(engine-details): add host-view container component * feat(engine-details): add host-details component * feat(engine-details): build host details object * feat(engine-details): format engine version * feat(engine-details): get details for one node * feat(engine-details): pass is-agent from view * feat(engine-details): replace old node view with a new component * feat(engine-details): add swarm-node-details component * feat(engine-details): remove isSwarm binding * feat(engine-details): remove node-details and include in parent * feat(engine-details): add labels-table component * feat(engine-details): add update node service * feat(engine-details): add update label functionality * style(engine-details): remove whitespaces * feat(engine-details): remove old node page * feat(engine-details): pass is agent to host details * feat(host-details): hide missing info * feat(host-details): update node availability * style(host-details): remove obsolete event object * feat(host-details): fix labels not sending * feat(host-details): remove flags for hiding data * feat(host-details): create mock call to server for agent host info * style(host-details): fix spelling mistake in filter's name * feat(host-details): get info from agent * feat(host-details): hide engine labels when empty * feat(node-details): move labels table and save button * feat(host-info): add different urls for refresh * feat(host-details): show disk/devices info for agent * feat(host-view): add loading indicator to devices-panel * feat(host-details): add loading indicator to disks panel * feat(agent): fix browse volume * feat(agent): browse files * feat(agent): enable rename * feat(agent): download file * fix(agent): download file from root * feat(agent): delete file * style(agent): remove whitespaces * fix(agent): fix link on node browser * feat(agent): basic file uploader * feat(agent): add basic file upload * fix(volume-browser): move volume id to query params * feat(node-browser): moved uploader into browser * feat(node-browser): add upload spinner * feat(agent): browse files relative to root * feat(build): add webpack build config * feat(build): add missing imports * feat(webpack): add missing imports * feat(build): enable eslint on build * feat(build): add webpack notifier * feat(build): clean terminal on build * feat(build): import all globals * feat(build): add angular import * feat(build): fix styles * feat(build): load favicons * feat(build): load css before script * feat(webpack): split vendors css and js to a different bundle * feat(webpack): import angular in all files * feat(webpack): remove eslint global config * feat(webpack): add webpack clean dist * feat(webpack): fix styling issues * refactor(webpack): remove empty controllers * refactor(webpack): optimize moment * refactor(webpack): add bundle analyzer * feat(webpack): add babel * refactor(webpack): optimize lodash * refactor(toastr): update toastr * feat(webpack): create basic production and dev config * fix(webpack): fix production config * fix(webpack): fix html templates url * refactor(webpack): remove angular imports * refactor(webpack): remove more angular imports * refactor(webpack): return angular to entry file * style(webpack): remove comments from config * fix(hosts): remove browse button * fix(webpack): import lodash * fix(webpack): import missing htmls * feat(webpack): reduce lodash size * feat(webpack): config grunt to use webpack * feat(webpack): add postcss * chore(codeclimate): use eslint-5 channel * feat(deps): upgrade from lodash to lodash-es * fix(webpack): fix bug with lodash * chore(build): add build client script * fix(webpack): fix missing jsyaml reference * refactor(webpack): seperate builds of img files * chore(build): add a way to check times of webpack build * feat(webpack): add dev server * fix(webpack): fix css output name * chore(webpack): optimize images * chore(webpack): add node env * fix(build): copy templates on release * chore(webpack): set env NODE_ENV * feat(webpack): set NODE_ENV on production builds * fix(extensions): set image path * refactor(css): move vendor css to js import * style(app): remove whitespaces * fix(build-system): allow DevOps pipeline to leverage webpack (#2670) * Update devopsbuild task to use webpack & remove AppVeyor environment var * Added -Force to replace the existing dist folder * Removed Test-Path * dep(build-system): add angularjs-annotate to webpack + fix on imports * Merge branch 'develop' into webpack * refactor(app): webpack aliases for imports + async / await dep + start refactor * style(extensions): use develop version of the view * fix(app): fix several issues introduced by webpack migration * fix(webpack): fix ng-include not loading templates with webpack * Fix Windows CI with Webpack (#2782) * fix(configs): refactor broke configs creation and list views * fix(build-system): update build_binary_devops for Windows
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