1954 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  William 8d7bae0560
fix(dependencies): bump go-winio lib (#3569) 5 hours ago
  Anthony Lapenna e0d83db609
fix(authentication/ldap): fix an issue with authorizations not updated after ldap login (#3577) 5 hours ago
  Steven Kang ad5f51964c
fix(build): Remove -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue (#3571) 3 days ago
  Anthony Lapenna 9cc8448418 chore(version): bump version number 5 days ago
  Anthony Lapenna b2cc6be007 fix(api): update gomod 5 days ago
  Anthony Lapenna be0b01611f Merge tag '1.23.1' into develop 1 week ago
  Anthony Lapenna bcda7e2d7e Merge branch 'release/1.23.1' 1 week ago
  Anthony Lapenna d0e998ddc4 chore(version): bump version number 1 week ago
  William 1f7e5fec4f
fix(settings/authentication): patch LDAP connectivity check (#3561) 1 week ago
  Anthony Lapenna d3a625e22f feat(api): update gomod 1 week ago
  William eff1b79a4a
fix(networks): patch datatable (#3557) 1 week ago
  William 0330b16776
fix(container-create): patch dns (#3556) 1 week ago
  William 97a0ea4a31
fix(templates): select volume name not object (#3549) 2 weeks ago
  William 167d4319b5
fix(authentication): frontend changes (#3456) 2 weeks ago
  Mike Church 6f59f130a1
feat(dashboard): add health status to home page and dashboard (#3489) 2 weeks ago
  William cc8d3c8639
refactor(UX): disable/remove uneeded UI elements (#3530) 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Hromic f4c461d7fb
feat(settings/ldap): preserve ReaderDN in database if empty in settings payload (#3537) 3 weeks ago
  William 6c492d2290
fix(UX): prevent task expand on row selection (#3531) 3 weeks ago
  William 8bea0988dd
fix(api): lower Docker client API version for backwards support (#3534) 3 weeks ago
  William 8dda67c8d0 refactor(UX): fix grammar (#3528) 4 weeks ago
  William 7365afa1bb feature(UX): sort dropdowns alphabetically (#3524) 1 month ago
  Kirill K 1ef29f2671 feat: add setting to change DNS servers (#3511) 1 month ago
  William fa5bb9b1be feat(stack-creation): add note for 2FA (#3509) 1 month ago
  Hugo Hromic 2ba195adaa feat(api): implement anonymous mode for LDAP connection (#3460) 1 month ago
  William 9da08bc792 refactor(endpoint-creation): remove unneeded port (#3467) 1 month ago
  William 17bc17f638 fix(api): fix an issue with ownership for services and stacks (#3512) 1 month ago
  William efae49d92b chore(project): require Portainer logs (#3508) 1 month ago
  Iceyer 58c00401e9 fix: atob convert unicode in config failed (#3415) 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna e9f6861df0
feat(api): add go module support (#3408) 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna bba13f69ad chore(version): bump version number 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 36020dd8bc Merge tag '1.23.0' into develop 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna b7eca7ce17 Merge branch 'release/1.23.0' 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 2189deb3bd chore(version): bump version number 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 29b7eeef5a
fix(api): trigger an authorization update after auto-provisioning users (#3428) 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna f6cefb3318 fix(api): fix invalid method call for docker_windows proxy 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna a42619a442 fix(api): fix invalid extensions.json location 2 months ago
  xAt0mZ 1465825988 feat(container): disable recreate/duplicate buttons with RBAC for non admins (#3426) 2 months ago
  xAt0mZ 2d576394d0 fix(registry-selector): unique images in auto suggest (#3425) 2 months ago
  William f79dae3e27 feat(about): add analytics notice (#3423) 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna badb6ee50f
fix(http): update volume browsing validation (#3416) 2 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna c2e1129804 feat(extensions): update offline manifest 2 months ago
  Mohab Abd El-Dayem 3b1a8e4bba feat(cli): remove the logging of the hashed password of the admin user (#3328) 2 months ago
  William dd0c80e915 fix(container-creation): preserve aliases if null (#3405) 2 months ago
  William 5ab63bd151 fix(container-create): patch aliases (#3403) 2 months ago
  xAt0mZ ea1ca76f70 fix(auth): clean browser cache on logout (#3402) 2 months ago
  xAt0mZ e19bc8abc7 fix(app): registry push-pull features overhaul (#3393) 2 months ago
  William 61c38534a7 fix(container-creation): preserve network aliases (#3401) 2 months ago
  William 7f54584ed6 fix(container-creation): match container_network by id (#3398) 3 months ago
  xAt0mZ 1a65dbf85f fix(app): permissions lost for UI on browser refresh (#3354) 3 months ago
  William a3a83d1d7e fix(container): hide opts when autoremove true (#3397) 3 months ago