1926 Commits (e9f6861df074228c4b9b321de104692b27b20c99)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Anthony Lapenna e9f6861df0
feat(api): add go module support (#3408) 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna bba13f69ad chore(version): bump version number 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 36020dd8bc Merge tag '1.23.0' into develop 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna b7eca7ce17 Merge branch 'release/1.23.0' 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 2189deb3bd chore(version): bump version number 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 29b7eeef5a
fix(api): trigger an authorization update after auto-provisioning users (#3428) 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna f6cefb3318 fix(api): fix invalid method call for docker_windows proxy 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna a42619a442 fix(api): fix invalid extensions.json location 3 months ago
  xAt0mZ 1465825988 feat(container): disable recreate/duplicate buttons with RBAC for non admins (#3426) 3 months ago
  xAt0mZ 2d576394d0 fix(registry-selector): unique images in auto suggest (#3425) 3 months ago
  William f79dae3e27 feat(about): add analytics notice (#3423) 3 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna badb6ee50f
fix(http): update volume browsing validation (#3416) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna c2e1129804 feat(extensions): update offline manifest 4 months ago
  Mohab Abd El-Dayem 3b1a8e4bba feat(cli): remove the logging of the hashed password of the admin user (#3328) 4 months ago
  William dd0c80e915 fix(container-creation): preserve aliases if null (#3405) 4 months ago
  William 5ab63bd151 fix(container-create): patch aliases (#3403) 4 months ago
  xAt0mZ ea1ca76f70 fix(auth): clean browser cache on logout (#3402) 4 months ago
  xAt0mZ e19bc8abc7 fix(app): registry push-pull features overhaul (#3393) 4 months ago
  William 61c38534a7 fix(container-creation): preserve network aliases (#3401) 4 months ago
  William 7f54584ed6 fix(container-creation): match container_network by id (#3398) 4 months ago
  xAt0mZ 1a65dbf85f fix(app): permissions lost for UI on browser refresh (#3354) 4 months ago
  William a3a83d1d7e fix(container): hide opts when autoremove true (#3397) 4 months ago
  KemoNine a41ca1fd46 feat(container-creation): allow empty value for labels (#2655) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 130c188717
fix(libcompose): apply same normalize name rule as libcompose on stack name (#3395) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna a85f0058ee
feat(extensions): add the ability to upload and enable an extension (#3345) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 8b0eb71d69
feat(api): automatically update extensions at startup (#3349) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 1f90a091a8
feat(api): bind extensions stdout and stderr to current process (#3375) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna b8be795505
feat(templates): replace volume selector with typeahead (#3371) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 4239db7b34
fix(api): remove roles associated to access policies after removing RBAC extension (#3373) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 81c0bf0632
fix(api): introduce priority based logic for RBAC roles (#3374) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 9decbce511 chore(version): bump version number 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 914b46f813 fix(api): introduce gitlab proxy package 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 19d4db13be
feat(api): rewrite access control management in Docker (#3337) 4 months ago
  xAt0mZ 198e92c734 feat(registry): gitlab support (#3107) 4 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 03d9d6afbb
Revert "fix(api): fix invalid resource control check (#3225)" (#3327) 5 months ago
  George Cheng c559b6b55c fix(container-creation): Fix bad env in container creation (#2996) 5 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 0175490161
fix(api): data migration to update default Portainer authorizations (#3314) 5 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 310b6b34da
fix(api): update user authorizations after team deletion (#3315) 5 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 07db1ca16e feat(test): update e2e to support swarm and CI mode 5 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 36de0aee7b feat(test): update e2e setup 5 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna c6e9d8e616 feat(test): update docker-compose file for cypress e2e testing 5 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna dbef3a0508 feat(test): update cypress projectId 5 months ago
  William 91c83eccd2 feat(project): add automated testing with cypress (#3305) 5 months ago
  William 542b76912a feat(endpoint-details): add edge-key to commands (#3302) 5 months ago
  Aaron Korte 53942b741a fix(api): increment stack identifier atomically (#3290) 5 months ago
  Mattias Edlund accca0f2a6 feat(containers): added support for port range mappings when deploying containers (#3194) 5 months ago
  xAt0mZ f67e866e7e
feat(registry): inspect repository images (#3121) 5 months ago
  xAt0mZ 2445a5aed5
fix(registry): Performance issues with Registry Manager (#2648) 5 months ago
  xAt0mZ 8a8cef9b20
feat(deps): multiselect library as dependency (#3255) 5 months ago
  xAt0mZ e20a139c5a
fix(registry): remove checkboxes on repositories list (#3109) 5 months ago