119 Commits (e9f6861df074228c4b9b321de104692b27b20c99)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  xAt0mZ e19bc8abc7 fix(app): registry push-pull features overhaul (#3393) 6 months ago
  xAt0mZ 2445a5aed5
fix(registry): Performance issues with Registry Manager (#2648) 7 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna ea05d96c73
feat(sidebar): add update notification (#3196) 8 months ago
  Anthony Brame ea6cddcfd3 feat(swarmvisualizer): add labels display under node info (#2886) 9 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 12a512f01f
feat(edge): introduce support for Edge agent (#3031) 10 months ago
  xAt0mZ 03c82cac69
feat(datatables): auto refresh on datatables (#2974) 10 months ago
  baron_l 851607394c feat(integrations): storidge evolution (#2711) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 8057aa45c4
feat(extensions): introduce RBAC extension (#2900) 1 year ago
  mrdrogdrog 1af9fb4490 feat(containers): add support docker attach (#2842) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 1618388e39
refactor(app): minor refactor (#2773) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 5c2e714e69
style(extensions): minor update to extension UX/UI (#2538) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 6fd5ddc802
feat(extensions): introduce extension support (#2527) 1 year ago
  Christer Warén 40e0c3879c style(dashboard): change blocklist-item border color (#2465) 1 year ago
  baron_l bda5eac0c1 feat(network-creation): enhance UX with macvlan driver for swarm mode (#2082) (#2122) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 3c6f6cf5bf
feat(home): update endpoint list (#2060) 1 year ago
  baron_l 0f63326bd5 fix(app): wrap long text in tables cells (#1920) (#2052) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna e156aa202e
feat(ux): update form input validation (#2035) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna b6792461a4
feat(home): add a new home view (#2033) 1 year ago
  Hasnat a94f2ee7b8 feat(log-viewer): add the ability to wrap lines (#1972) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 61c285bd2e
feat(templates): introduce templates management (#2017) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 5e73a49473
feat(tags): add the ability to manage tags (#1971) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 32800a843a
feat(sidebar): update endpoint selection UX (#1902) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 2327d696e0
feat(agent): add agent support (#1828) 2 years ago
  Emanuele De Cupis b2b685ba6f style(datatables): prevent cell content to go to new line (#1770) 2 years ago
  Herwono W. Wijaya 66f29dd103 style(app): upgrade to font awesome v5 2 years ago
  Mauro Cortellazzi 1b8d5e89d1 feat(swarm-visualizer): swarm visualizer color by service (#1683) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 81de2a5afb
feat(image-build): add the ability to build images (#1672) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 7817d4bd0b
extension(storidge): add Storidge extension (#1581) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna d0da9860af
style(datatables): use normal font weight for table headers (#1496) 2 years ago
  1138-4EB 75b3a78e2b refactor(services): Refactor chartService and pluginService (#1340) 2 years ago
  1138-4EB e51246ee78 style(sidebar): prevent icon of active item moving on hover (#1422) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna d68708add7
feat(ux): replace spinners (#1383) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 9ceb3a8051
feat(templates): add support for stack templates (#1346) 2 years ago
  Fish2 ade66414a4 chore(assets): lossless image compression 2 years ago
  1138-4EB 42347d714f style(sidebar): automatically adjust title form-control size based on height (#1338) 2 years ago
  1138-4EB a028413496 feat(assets): make URLs for favicons relative (#1343) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 86e5ca57e9
style(sidebar): automatically adjust sidebar font-size based on height (#1336) 2 years ago
  1138-4EB f8451e944a style(sidebar): make sidebar-header fixed, use flex instead of absolute to position footer (#1315) 2 years ago
  1138-4EB ddd804ee2e feat(container-inspect): display content in tree view by default (#1310) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 3e99fae070 style(sidebar): add a small logo in the sidebar (#1255) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna e2979a631a style(swarm-visualizer): update font-size (#1228) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna f96b70841f feat(swarm-visualizer): add a platform icon next to node name (#1191) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 87825f7ebb feat(swarm-visualizer): add the swarm-visualizer view (#1190) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna c0d282e85b feat(container-stats): overhaul (#1183) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 9a0f0a9701 feat(favicon): fix favicon display (#1177) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna e65d132b3d feat(init-admin): allow to specify a username for the initial admin account (#1160) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna d27528a771 feat(authentication): add LDAP authentication support (#1093) 2 years ago
  Dan Hlavenka 635ecdef72 style(sidebar): crop logo.png to fit in sidebar without scaling (#1072) 2 years ago
  Konstantin Azizov bc4b0a0b35 feat(images): display unused images tags (#1009) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 317303fc43 feat(image-details): image layer enhancements 2 years ago