25 Commits (e9f6861df074228c4b9b321de104692b27b20c99)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  xAt0mZ 2445a5aed5
fix(registry): Performance issues with Registry Manager (#2648) 7 months ago
  xAt0mZ 8a8cef9b20
feat(deps): multiselect library as dependency (#3255) 7 months ago
  Tim van den Eijnden 774380fb44 chore(icons): update fontawesome dependency (#3219) 7 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna b0f48ee3ad
feat(app): fix XSS vulnerabilities (#3230) 7 months ago
  Anthony Lapenna 2252ab9da7
style(app): update app loading text (#3046) 10 months ago
  xAt0mZ 09cf55a7dc
fix(build): bump auto-ngtemplate-loader to 2.0.1 to fix windows builds (#2935) 11 months ago
  dependabot[bot] ead160f792 chore(deps): bump js-yaml from 3.10.0 to 3.13.1 (#2930) 11 months ago
  William 27a0188949 feat(build-system): remove webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin (#2898) 1 year ago
  William c8c8345a43 dep(jquery): update jquery to version 3.4.0 (#2897) 1 year ago
  Chaim Lev-Ari 45113a7ff4 refactor(app): introduce webpack and babel (#2407) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 808eb7d341
dep(bootstrap): update bootstrap version to 3.4.0 (#2632) 1 year ago
  baron_l 1a94158f77 * feat(UX): schedule creation UX overhaul (#2485) 1 year ago
  Olli Janatuinen 17d63ae3ca chore(dependencies): updated xterm to 3.8.0 version (#2452) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 1233cb7f08
chore(project): update lodash version to 4.17.10 (#2156) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 48179b9e3d
feat(volume-browser): add the ability to browse volume content (#2051) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna b6792461a4
feat(home): add a new home view (#2033) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 0da9e564b9
feat(stacks): add the ability to migrate stacks to another endpoint (#1976) 1 year ago
  Anthony Lapenna 5e73a49473
feat(tags): add the ability to manage tags (#1971) 1 year ago
  Herwono W. Wijaya 66f29dd103 style(app): upgrade to font awesome v5 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 403de0d319
chore(momentjs): upgrade momentjs version (#1701) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna a76ccff7c9
refactor(xterm): update xtermjs to latest version (#1692) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 0c5152fb5f
feat(log-viewer): introduce the log viewer component (#1666) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 8c75f705e2
chore(dependency): upgrade jquery version to latest (#1592) 2 years ago
  Anthony Lapenna 7817d4bd0b
extension(storidge): add Storidge extension (#1581) 2 years ago
  1138-4EB 997af882c4 chore(build-system): drop bower, use npm|yarn for frontend dependencies (#1416) 2 years ago