7875 Commits (master)

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  Lunny Xiao 2d0b90c967 Fix upload file type check (#7890) 18 hours ago
  Mura Li a678ea44b8 Update MAINTAINERS (#7896) 1 day ago
  GiteaBot 4bc4acd02b [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 day ago
  guillep2k de5986ae03 Reduce quote usage to bypass bug in GIT_SSH_COMMAND (#7893) 1 day ago
  zeripath bee1227b2f
Extract the username and password from the mirror url (#7651) 1 day ago
  Norwin 867f46f78e Detect delimiter in CSV rendering (#7869) 2 days ago
  guillep2k 0a86d25e6a Add myself to maintainers (#7881) 2 days ago
  guillep2k 5661773018 Remove unique filter from repo indexer analyzer. (#7878) 2 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 85202d4784
Display ui time with customize time location (#7792) 2 days ago
  guillep2k 5a44be627c Convert files to utf-8 for indexing (#7814) 2 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD c2c35d169c lfs/lock: round locked_at timestamp to second (#7872) 2 days ago
  Lunny Xiao a077c9d551
Add changelog of v1.9.1 (#7859) (#7866) 3 days ago
  Lanre Adelowo a315c8d992 fix non existent milestone with 500 error (#7867) 3 days ago
  GiteaBot 14230ca843 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 3 days ago
  Lunny Xiao c021890930
move CreateReview to moduels/pull (#7841) 3 days ago
  GiteaBot eaa4d4ea98 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 3 days ago
  zeripath 176ba79e96
Fix local runs of ssh-requiring integration tests (#7855) 3 days ago
  GiteaBot cbe30783c7 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 3 days ago
  zeripath def84840db Attempt to fix hook problem (#7854) 3 days ago
  Gary Kim 7eed11e5e9 Check commit message hashes before making links (#7713) 3 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD 46d6b92ad0 Import topics during migration (#7851) 3 days ago
  techknowlogick 99a004c343
Update golangci-lint to v1.17.1 (#7848) 4 days ago
  clavinet 2f2a4cb898 Update app.ini.sample (#7816) 4 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD 7ffa3fcfa0 gpg/bugfix: Use .ExpiredUnix.IsZero to display green color of forever valid gpg key (#7846) 4 days ago
  GiteaBot 0b2d399b1c [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 4 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD 26a78fa6b3 vendor: update pdf.js to v2.1.266 (#7834) 4 days ago
  Mura Li 602155df7b Do not fetch all refs (#7797) 4 days ago
  GiteaBot c662f4ced8 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 5 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD 9692ebcc54 add details for db socket listening (#7830) 5 days ago
  WGH 98fd085039 Fix lax comparison in validation tests (#7815) 6 days ago
  Antoine GIRARD e9bb75d8d1 Fix duplicate call of webhook (#7821) 6 days ago
  Mario Lubenka 8bfeb85f93 Enable switching to a different source branch when PR already exists (#7819) 6 days ago
  clavinet 8101d803e6 Update serv.go (#7822) 6 days ago
  clavinet 80d2c2575b Update app.ini.sample (#7817) 1 week ago
  David Svantesson cde95f9923 Rewrite existing repo units if setting is not included in api body (#7763) 1 week ago
  Gary Kim 2ed21e7e09 Prevent Commit Status and Message From Overflowing On Branch Page (#7800) 1 week ago
  Antoine GIRARD 2b6f45299d api: fix multiple bugs with statuses endpoints (#7785) 1 week ago
  Mason c534b7e211 Add SSH_LISTEN_HOST to the config cheatsheet (#7793) 1 week ago
  silverwind a21a7d438b Fix global search result CSS, misc CSS tweaks (#7789) 1 week ago
  Antoine GIRARD e54814dcaa activate check (#7782) 1 week ago
  guillep2k 3b97b9efbf Correct formatting of bullet list (#7794) 1 week ago
  Lunny Xiao b16be15803 Display error as string but not bytes (#7780) 1 week ago
  Lars Kistner 714dcf9dad remove `-i` flag from GOFLAGS (#7778) 1 week ago
  Lunny Xiao c832f0eef7 Fix approvals counting (#7757) 1 week ago
  WGH 28c5ae27d6 Fix Slack webhook fork message (#7774) 1 week ago
  guillep2k 0470b16e8a Add migration step to remove old repo_indexer_status orphaned records (#7746) 1 week ago
  Lunny Xiao 4328d8e8d7
fix rename failed when rewrite public keys (#7761) 1 week ago
  guillep2k 2594693a46 Remove camel case tokenization from repo indexer (#7733) 1 week ago
  zeripath 026696b87a
Fix dropTableColumns sqlite implementation (#7710) 1 week ago
  zeripath 7ad67109d7
Be more strict with git arguments (#7715) 1 week ago