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Here is a TODO list of longstanding items that are either lower-priority, or more involved in terms of time, skill-level, and/or motivation.

Please have a look, and let us know if you're working on one of the items. It's best to open an issue to track your progress and to discuss any implementation questions you might have.

Lastly, if you'd like something different to work on, please ping @purpleidea and I'll create an issue tailored especially for your approximate golang skill level and available time commitment in terms of hours you'd need to spend on the patch.

Happy Hacking!

Package resource

  • getfiles support on debian bug
  • directory info on fedora bug
  • dnf blocker bug

File resource bug :heart:

  • recurse limit support :heart:
  • fanotify support bug

Svc resource

Exec resource

  • base resource improvements

Timer resource

  • increment algorithm (linear, exponential, etc...) :heart:

User/Group resource

  • automatic edges to file resource :heart:

Http resource

Etcd improvements

  • fix etcd race bug that only happens during CI testing (intermittently failing test case issue)

Torrent/dht file transfer

  • base plumbing

GPG/Auth improvements

  • base plumbing

Resource improvements

  • more reversible resources implemented
  • more "cloud" resources

Language improvements

  • more core functions
  • automatic language formatter, ala gofmt
  • gedit/gnome-builder/gtksourceview syntax highlighting
  • vim syntax highlighting
  • emacs syntax highlighting: see misc/emacs/ (needs updating)
  • exposed $error variable for feedback in the language
  • improve the printf function to add %[]s, %[]f ([]str, []float) and map, struct, nested etc... %v would be nice too!
  • add line/col/file annotations to AST so we can get locations of errors that the parser finds
  • add more error messages with the %error pattern in parser.y
  • we should have helper functions or language sugar to pull a field out of a struct, or a value out of a map, or an index out of a list, etc...

Engine improvements

  • add a "waiting for func" message in the func engine to notify the user about slow functions...


  • reproducible builds
  • add your suggestions!