1250 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Suwon Chae 129304337f attachment: Fix drag and drop bug when to edit comment 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 8edae8d123 usermenu: Fix unintended user menu call 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 2fe1ecba6a usermenu: Change org's project count expression 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 7a5bfd5805 usermenu: Recategorize user project menu 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae cca1b798fa comment: Support attachments modification 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 393a2714c6 two-column-mode: Polish for my issues page 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae d0c14349f9 two-column-mode: Enhance UI 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae d8f01912a1 attachment: Move download icon from back to ahead 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae d9ce496566 sub-comment: Hide add sub-comment button when to edit comment 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 6c50ebbabb comment: Support sub-comment for board comment 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 13242ba8dd marked: Fix header prefix bug 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae f846daae9a help: Update markdown table description 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae f9a44d55f0 checklist: Fix carriage return related bug 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 08640e123d editor: Support tab indent and untab indent 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 6748395a47 checklist: Support checklist at the posting page 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae cb59184b6c tasklist: New feature - Task List 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 818f70c5ed lib: Upgrade marked to v0.5.0 1 year ago
  Wonjun Hong d47d563cb0 avatar: Fix bug that png file is saved as jpg when uploading #304 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 90ebea7848 editor: Add complementary code for draft saving 1 year ago
  Suwon Chae 96d56c4031 fixup! Revert "fixup! issue: Support one line sub-comment" 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 7678226cd2 fixup! two-column-mode: Support subtask click in the list 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 9ae92ee5e5 editor: Try to fix editor draft saving bug, second trial 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae cd2bf548b1 lib: Add page scroll lib, elevator.js 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 8650752807 home: Fix js script error of non-code project home 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 04f1a00fa2 editor: Try to fix editor draft saving bug 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae cd230c64ec issue: Support favorite issue feature 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae f639f48321 editor: Support autoresize of textarea 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae ecf0367d1d lib: Add autoresize.js 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon 0a10b41f4d temporarySaveHandler: Refactored default argument 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon f9bbab650f Fixed `temporarySaveHandler` typo 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon f691b8ac72 Fixed intermittently occurred draft contents remaining issue 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon b9cd06d8e9 bulit yona-lib.js 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon 31c0b7b512 Enhanced noticePanel fade out animation 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon 6d8b290994 Applied draft save function to CommentUpdateForms. 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 14fe9d8a66 title-prefix: Modify options 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae af99167c6a editor: Tune draft saving timing and notification 2 years ago
  Wonju Jeon 7e73ee28ea editor: Support draft saving feature 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae a7f3f95dee two-column-mode: Show clicked item url 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae e4188d7cae two-column-mode: Support subtask click in the list 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 5406854375 js: Update and related files 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae d43f2becc5 editor: Support excel table paste to markdown table 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae e7d210409b subtask: Show subtasks at the issue list page 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 601e0ae31f js: Update bootstrap.js file comments 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 1ae2c41966 js: Upgrade Clipboard.js to 2.0 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 238481addf js: Upgrade jQuery to v3.3.1 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 6ecbca2b19 title: Fix posting title prefix bug 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae c25850cd87 title-prefix: Support auto-completion title header 2 years ago
  SangJun Lee 33e4d72d73 Add gfm autolink on file protocol. 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae f432377ca2 lib: Fix at.js bug related with IME 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park cbbaefd84e issue: Refactor request data and project name for readability 2 years ago