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  Suwon Chae 39ae4bc375 image: Add project logo 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 5fe12536a3 view: Make more natural loading effect in two column mode 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae d8190be252 view: Add loading image 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae bb77bc218c logo: Update Yona logo image 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 2bb95f7337 authentication: Support Github/Gmail social login 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae c300862a5f intro: Update intro page styles 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 248f075a50 bg: Change project default header image 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae c3332d1c53 optimize: Replace intro bg image to lower size image 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae d02fe9206a README: Update for yona 1.0 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae ac2a1a9446 favicon: Change favicon to yona 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 18480cc9d9 group: Change group default logo 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 9684b125e2 yonafy: Apply modifications for fork project 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 2cdac96cea fix: change default project bg and some fix 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae 8813e5b732 fix: misspelled 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae bd22095f50 UI: group/project subtle ui change 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae 5b4d9b9451 images: add background images 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae 185a0d04fa issue-detail: show no-contents image when it doesn't have contents 6 years ago
  insanehong 41e3dd5d84 header:refactored header layout and css 6 years ago
  insanehong cb0613b31b changed intro ui 6 years ago
  JiHan Kim 4c3680251d replace default project logo with new BI 6 years ago
  insanehong a9fb39200c add background-image for site intro 6 years ago
  Suwon Chae fe5f3a05f9 logo: add logo image and change hover style 6 years ago
  JiHan Kim 3c31cea6d7 add toggleUI. issues layout changed. 6 years ago
  Suwon Chae c1b98ec8ee add default 404 page 6 years ago
  whiteship ea359d2ca9 Added help message and images for fork-pull 6 years ago
  Jihan Kim c676c084d9 make userinfo to dropdown menu on navbar(HIVE-101), apply HIVE UI to board(HIVE-188), fix filter on board(HIVE-134), remove deprecated file (postValidate.scala.html), change default image of project(HIVE-213) 6 years ago
  Jihan Kim 43b9574af5 adjust margin between index slogan (HIVE-124) 6 years ago
  Jihan Kim 35e0d17488 fix code browser, update favicon 6 years ago
  Jihan Kim 07e9a506db new BI applied 6 years ago
  Jihan Kim 85ae6dcb52 apply new design markups and update lesscss files 7 years ago
  Jihan Kim efb405776b update styles. sprite image updated. 7 years ago
  doortts fc9c409c45 make it a more retro style background image 7 years ago
  Jihan Kim bfd9d15c07 remove .svn 7 years ago
  Jihan Kim ec11bda9af hive design applied 7 years ago
  doortts ebe9bbbb7f make projcect creation agreement checkbox bg-image more clearly 7 years ago
  BlueMir 65b8c15b8d add radio button image 7 years ago
  BlueMir b207390094 apply markup PostList 7 years ago
  BlueMir df936ba4f2 apply markup : projecthome 7 years ago
  BlueMir c5fae9d8b5 apply markup temporay in project home 7 years ago
  BlueMir 2ef5b3f770 apply markup in home, index, login pages 7 years ago
  Hwi Ahn 2390cc391b Added default image for project logo 7 years ago
  yoon c2f57100f0 Ignored milestone unit test. 7 years ago
  Sangcheol Hwang c96de1bea4 project mng 7 years ago
  Sangcheol Hwang 599044c836 upgrade play version 7 years ago
  Sangcheol Hwang eebd6afa15 initial commit 7 years ago