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  Suwon Chae f1f3849005
Merge pull request #360 from hongwonjun/issue#359 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 262ed97f2c db: Remove table's check constraints 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 033bbd4851 Merge branch 'next' before release v1.9.0 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 7f5f31b26c version: v1.9.0 2 years ago
  Wonjun Hong 30d984228e webhook: Remove whitespace from url on adding (#359) 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae ff95d5e5ec noti: Polish notification features 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 5b73382c4e noti: Send notification when issue/posting is deleted 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae fb9352496e noti: Fix missing condition of findEventWatchersByEventType 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 6b177cfba0 Merge branch 'feature/issue-hunting-for-v1.9' into next 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae af7aeebd23 index: Show more notification body contents at index page 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae bf210022e2 mailbox: call by async when to start Mailbox service 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae be3c89b34f RouteUtil: Prevent getUrl rare case bug 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 134d17aa15 misc: Fix Index Coverage Issue by search engine 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 104d07e109 notification: Fix notification setting page bug 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae c348db8b9f notification: Fix notification bug when edit posting 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 758349c67c global: Log elapsed time of booting sequence 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 4e4f9f2cec Merge pull request #3 from labs/fix/noti-mail 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae d5fcdd84f0 issue: Reduce issue state change notification receivers 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park f465161899 noti-mail: Refactor unnecessary temp variable 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 7527fae410 issue: Fix the bug of missing new line highlight in email noti 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 2082808ae1 noti-mail: Add logic for rendering markdown except for event of issue body change 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae e11f85a8e6 AUTHORS: Add new author 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park bc0282c2d6 Merge pull request #2 from labs/feature/issue-hunting-for-v1.9 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae c5c2d3af6c issue: Refactoring timeline events view 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 77bf0a9de3 isssue: Support milestone changing history and notification 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 7e83354433 notification: Change issue assignee notification scope 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 9bf3ddfd5d css: Fix wrapping problem of milestone name in list 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae a6999a9276 notification: Fix getting user display name bug 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 7863929cae notification: Change project watch notification feature 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae c7c4879cb8 issue: Adjust alignment of labels at issue listing 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae ea2e3ab42b organization: Complement pull request group view 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 28ac7bf769 issue: Change search by labels to exclusive search 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae b8d2a75f3b board: Fix sort by updated bug when comment is updated 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 944dae1c16 issue: Add milestone column in excel download file 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae a56074b207 issue: Display label changing history at issue timeline 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 0bf640d8a7 docs: Update prerequiste about Java version 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae cff983cdbe issue: Refactor massUpdate method 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae e61ba22d91 project: Fix project transfer double click bug 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 777aec1303 authorization: Support Authorization header 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 4cc7a691b3 site: Remove site export/import menu from site admin menu 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae b3c3a955ee font: Remove Roboto from default web font 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 83ed5535fd gravatar: Disable gravatar when unreachable 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 7d387b1b9e css: Fix two column mode loading icon path 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 760c25c345 my-issues: Change my issues listing style 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 878e2de755 css: Change notification box position 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae bd64f02fa7 my-issues: Show mentioned issue count 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae a60c67c054 css: Change issue event timeline padding size 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park bf30d065dc noti-message: Modify logic for preventing null return in getPlainMessage 2 years ago
  Suwon Chae 2c5883e29d docs: Update prerequiste about Java version 2 years ago
  Mijeong Park 3cc43f2193 Merge branch 'feature/issue-share' into 'next' 2 years ago