6 Commits (e935434961a0c4604b882d3685618d47072597e1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Suwon Chae 102aa86f93 README: Update english contents and so on 3 years ago
  rimi 0ba31de9b2 docs: Update for v1.6.1 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae a59fd0bc27 docs: Update for v1.4 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 96fef46252 docs: Update 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 89890651de docs: Social login provider selection options desc 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 7be33859bb docs: Modify documents to version up v1.3.0 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 2e208dd69a authentication: Support allowing OAuth providers 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 2bb95f7337 authentication: Support Github/Gmail social login 3 years ago
  Suwon Chae 6f7b0ca974 conf: Make it more clear 'signup.confirm' option 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae d2fbefbded attachement: Allow upload file max size setting 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 21e7d5bcfa project: Fix application.context bug at recent history 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 20cf619a21 migration: Add migration options at application.conf 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae d8c9f6456e conf: Add exact message of sign-up options 4 years ago
  sihyun bd1d8f881c implement #41 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 6271257e3c yonafy: Change env params to yona 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 9684b125e2 yonafy: Apply modifications for fork project 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 0a785dae48 conf: Add H2DB AUTO_SERVER=TRUE 4 years ago
  Suwon Chae 9567e995f2 conf: Increase default CACHE_SIZE 4 years ago
  Yi EungJun d046a6080f config: Remove duplicated application.allowsAnonymousAccess 5 years ago
  Yi EungJun 61b6907cd9 Fix an erratum; MVSTORE => MV_STORE 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae 561d0e8e18 application.conf.default: add missing options 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae d999d4eaca conf/application.conf.default: change default play akka thread settings 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae 34cc736760 application.conf.default: change play framework version of application.server 5 years ago
  Suwon Chae 6054233879 application.conf.default: change bonecp default parameters 5 years ago
  김창근 3066ea621a Define default datasource name in application.conf.default 5 years ago
  Yi EungJun 43d2c6b5fa Fix messages are not shown in preferred language 5 years ago
  Changsung Kim cbcda46344 adds a feature about recipients limitation per a email when sending notification emails. 5 years ago
  Keesun Baik f0e17dfa48 Updated default db configuration to use explicit relative path 5 years ago
  Yi EungJun 8be433932c Introduce Mailbox Service 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 3c7a59b623 Upgrade Play from 2.1.0 to 2.2.6 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun f7d072de10 YobiUpdate: Do not check update so frequently 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 5a9e026ca9 YobiUpdate: Use as the update repository 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 3ffd70ff6e NotificationMail: Add hiding-address option 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun c1a8603975 Require authentication for all pages optionally 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 34bb443db6 AccessControl: Support to refuse anonymous access 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 59566d4927 YobiUpdate: Show a notification bar to site admin 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 39d5ea222d Introduce the Yobi Update Notification feature. 6 years ago
  Suwon Chae 3639fe3b9b readme: change url caused by transferring yobi repository 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 2ef9496cbd config: Fix the comment for application.server 7 years ago
  Yi EungJun a31e5305ba config: Set the preferred language to english 6 years ago
  Suwon Chae 23246ea8bf feedback-menu: user can change feedback url or remove it 6 years ago
  Yi EungJun 9a6fd58100 config: Add application.siteName configuration 6 years ago
  Suwon Chae 396857eeb5 attachment: addtional fix 6 years ago
  kjkmadness 7240805293 notification: delete old notifications 6 years ago
  kjkmadness ff12bd111c add configuration for akka thread pool with default values 6 years ago
  whiteship 72b5fa4804 Notification: changed the option key name 7 years ago
  Yi EungJun 257baa0885 Notification: Add default configs for notification. 7 years ago
  Yi EungJun 72b75847ea config: Add an example for hostname and port. 7 years ago
  JiHan Kim d0b4de1af8 replace the word "nforge" with "yobi" 7 years ago
  Yi EungJun b06305273f conf: Set applyEvolutions.default to true. 7 years ago