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How to set up sending notifications by email

Mail sending function

  • Open the application.conf file in the conf directory to modify the contents of the Mailer entry.
  • You must change smtp.mock = true to false, then the actual mail will be sent. # Mailer # ~~~~~~ # You have to configure SMTP to send mails. # Example settings, it assume that you use gmail smtp = smtp.port = 465 smtp.ssl = true smtp.user = yourGmailId # Be careful!!! Not to leak password smtp.password = yourGmailPassword smtp.domain = #true to use mock mailer for testing, false for using real mail server smtp.mock = true # optional, size of mail archive for tests, default: 5 smtp.archive.size = 5

How to set up an issue or comment on Yona by mail

  • Yona uses the MailBox function to reply directly to the notification mail and register the comment, or to register the issue by mail to a specific project.
  • To use this function, you have to set up mailbox. # Mailbox Service # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ # # Mailbox Service fetches and process mails from IMAP server. For example, if # the service fetches an email to a project, it posts the email as an issue of # the project. # # If you want to use this feature, your IMAP server has to be configured to # support the address alias using '+' sign, also known as 'subaddressing' or # 'detailed addressing'. For example, emails to '' have # to be delivered to ''. # # SECURITY WARNING: Yona believes the email address in From header of the # received email is truthful and use it for authentication without doubt. To # avoid this problem, your imap server must deny every email whose From header # is forged. # # Here is an example if you use Gmail. # # Set imap.use to true if you want to use this feature. imap.use = false = imap.ssl = true imap.user = "" # The email address of Yona. Mailbox Service processes an email only if its # address is as follows. imap.address = "" # Be careful!!! imap.password = yourGmailPassword imap.folder = inbox