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# Messages
# list of namespace
# - app
# - button
# - code
# - common
# - error
# - fork
# - issue
# - label
# - menu
# - milestone
# - notification
# - post
# - project
# - pullRequest
# - site
# - title
# - user
# - userinfo
# - validation
app.description = Web-based platform for collaborative software development = Yona
app.restart.notice = Server needs to be restarted.
app.restart.updateSecretYourself = Please update application.secret with random text.
app.restart.welcome = Welcome! = Cannot confirm email address. If you are a Github/Github Enterprise user, please make sure of your personal email settings. = Only allow sign-in via social login
app.welcome = Tada! Welcome to {0}! = Group = If you want to make a group and work with other members, then create a group
app.welcome.project = Project
app.welcome.project.desc = Create your own project
app.welcome.searchProject = Search Project
app.welcome.searchProject.desc = Find a project in which you are interested
app.welcome.submit = Submit
app.welcome.warning.desc = Caution: Password MUST be kept secret.
app.welcome.warning.title = Create website-admin account
branch.recently.update = Last updated
browser.cache.refresh.message = If you see this message, please force-refresh (Ctrl-R or Cmd-R). If you keep seeing this message, submit it as an issue.
button.add = Add
button.apply = Apply
button.back = Back
button.cancel = Cancel
button.cancel.enrollment = Cancel sign-up request
button.close = Close = Add a comment = Open comment window
button.commentAndNextState.closed = Comment & Close issue = Comment & Reopen issue
button.confirm = Confirm = Copy email list = Copying email was successful.
button.delete = Delete
button.detail = Details
button.done = Done = Download a file
button.edit = Edit
button.list = List
button.login = Log in = Send sign-up request
button.newIssue = New issue
button.newProject = Create new project
button.newSubtask = New subtask
button.nextPage = Next page
button.nextState.closed = Close issue = Reopen issue = No = Refresh page
button.prevPage = Previous page = Save
button.selectAll = Select all
button.selectFile = Select file
button.setDefaultLoginPage = Set to default page
button.setDefaultLoginPage.desc = Make current page the index page when logged in
button.share.issue = Issue Sharing
button.share.issue.desc = Allow others can see this issue and receive notifications = See text
button.signup = Sign up for {0}
button.submitForm = Submit form
button.translation = Translation
button.upload = File upload
button.user.make.guest.mode = Make Guest
button.user.make.normal.mode = Make Normal
button.user.makeAccountUnlock.false = Lock account
button.user.makeAccountUnlock.true = Unlock account
button.yes = Yes
change.added = Added
change.deleted = Deleted
change.history = Change history
code.addedPath = {0} (added) = Author
code.authorDate = Author Date
code.branches.commit = Latest commit
code.branches.defaultBranch = Default branch
code.branches.noPullRequest = No pull request has been sent
code.branches.pullRequest = Latest pull request
code.branches.setAsDefault = Set as default branch
code.closeCommentBox = Close comment box
code.commitDate = Commit date
code.commitMsg = Commit message
code.commitMsg.empty = No commit message
code.commits = Commit
code.copiedPath = {1} (copied from {0})
code.copyCommitId = Copy commit ID
code.copyCommitId.copied = Commit ID is copied
code.copyUrl = Copy URL
code.copyUrl.copied = URL is copied
code.deletedPath = {0} (deleted) = Download as .zip file
code.eolMissing = No newline at end of file
code.fileDiffLimitExceeded = Up to {0} files will be displayed.
code.fileModeChanged = File mode has changed
code.filename = File name
code.files = Files
code.fullDiff = Full comparison
code.history = Change history
code.isBinary = Binary file is not shown
code.looseFileSizeLimitForCodeBrowser = Site Administrator can loosen the limit by modifying "application.codeBrowser.viewer.maxFileSize" in the configuration file. = New file
code.newer = Newer
code.noChanges = No changes
code.nocommits = No commit exists
code.nofiles = No file exists
code.nohead = <div class="alert alert-block"><h4>The repository is empty!</h4></div>
code.nohead.clone = Create a new local repository by cloning the repository created on {0}, and push file.
code.nohead.init = Or, create a new local repository and add it as a remote repository of the {0} repository. Then push file.
code.nohead.pull.push = You can keep updating your code in your {0} repository by using ''pull'' and ''push''. ''pull'' retrieves updated code from the remote repository; ''push'' posts your code to the remote repository.
code.nohead.remote = If you have already created a local git repository, you can just add a git repo created in (0) to make a remote repo and push your code.
code.nohead.svn.clone = You can commit your code to this repository.
code.older = Older = Open in browser = Browser will parse and show this file. It is useful when you want to serve a static content file.
code.openCommentBox = Open comment box
code.outdatedDiff = Outdated diff
code.renamedPath = {1} (Renamed from {0})
code.showCode = Browse code
code.showCodeAtThisCommit = Browse code at this point
code.showCommit = View commit
code.showcomments = Show comments
code.skipDiff = This diff is skipped because there are too many other diffs.
code.tooBigDiff = This diff is too big to display.
code.tooBigFile = This file is too big to display.
code.tooBigFileForCodeBrowser = Sorry, we cannot show a file larger than {0} bytes here.
code.unknownError = Unknown error
code.viewRaw = View Raw = Only parent comment author will be notified.
comment.oneline.comment.placeholder = Add a comment
commentThread.close = Close = Open
common.attach.attachIfYouSave = Selected file will be attached when your comment is saved.
common.attach.clickToPost = Click to post
common.attach.clickbutton = Click upload button
common.attach.dropFilesHere = Drag & Drop files here to upload.
common.attach.drophere = Drag & Drop files to attach here or
common.attach.error.delete = Failed to delete file. <br>{1} ({0})
common.attach.error.upload = Failed to upload. <br>{1} ({0})
common.attach.pastehere = Paste the clipboard image
common.attachment= Attachment
common.comment = Comment = Comment Author
common.comment.beforeunload.confirm = Would you like to exit this page without submitting comment?
common.comment.delete = Delete comment
common.comment.delete.confirm = Once you delete this comment, you won''t be able to recover it. Are you sure you want to delete this comment?
common.comment.edit = Edit comment
common.comment.empty = Comment is a required field.
common.comment.unvote = Withdraw = Agree = {0} Agreement = {0} Agreements
common.editor.edit = Edit
common.editor.preview = Preview
common.experimental = Experimental function
common.experimental.description = Work on this function is underway; it can be modified or interrupted at any moment.<br>Thanks for your patience.
common.experimental.title = Experimental function: A new feature is on the way..
common.loading = Loading
common.noAuthor = No author
common.none = None
common.order.all = All
common.order.comments = comments
common.order.completionRate = completion rate = created
common.order.dueDate = due date = name
common.order.recent = creation date
common.order.updatedDate = updated
common.time.after = After {0} days
common.time.before = Before {0} days = {0} days ago
common.time.days = {0} days ago = {0} days
common.time.hour = {0} hours ago
common.time.hours = {0} hours ago
common.time.just = Just now
common.time.leftday = {0} days left
common.time.minute = {0} minute ago
common.time.minutes = {0} minutes ago
common.time.overday = {0} days past
common.time.second = {0} second ago
common.time.seconds = {0} seconds ago = Today
common.two.column.mode = Two Column Mode
common.two.column.mode.desc = Splits list and body into columns respectively = To check email, please click this link. = Primary email address = Your primary email address will be used for sending you notifications or password resets.
emails.send.validatino.mail = Send a validation email. = Set as primary email address. = You will be identified as the same user by multiple sub emails.
emails.sub.emails = Sub email address = [Yona] validation email
error.auth.unauthorized.comment = You need to log in to add comments.
error.auth.unauthorized.waringMessage = You are not authorized to access this page or not logged in.
error.badrequest = The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax
error.badrequest.only.available.for.git = This request is only supported in a git project.
error.failedTo = Failed to {0}<br>({1} {2})
error.forbidden = You are not authorized
error.forbidden.or.not.allowed = Request forbidden or not allowed
error.forbidden.or.notfound = Project does not exist or user unauthorized = This is a request that is not allowed for guest users
error.internalServerError = Server error occurred; service is not available
error.notfound = Page not found
error.notfound.board_post = Post does not exist
error.notfound.branch = Branch does not exist
error.notfound.code = {0} branch does not exist. Check project default branch!
error.notfound.code_comment = Commit-comment does not exist
error.notfound.commit = Commit does not exist
error.notfound.issue_post = Issue does not exist
error.notfound.milestone = Milestone does not exist
error.notfound.organization = Group not found
error.notfound.project = Project does not exist = Notification does not exist
error.pullRequest.empty.from.repository = Pull request sending repository does not exist = Pull request receiving repository does not exist
error.timeout = Your request could not be processed because of a server timeout
error.tooLargeText.admin = You can adjust the max limit by modifying "parsers.text.maxLength" in the Play configuration.
error.tooLargeText.limit = Text length exceeds maximum allowed text "{0}" bytes.
error.tooLargeText.title = Request text entity too large
error.toolargefile = Wow, that''s huge!<br>Please submit file smaller than {0}. = Please note that you''re using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer.<br>We recommend the <a href="" target="_blank">Google Chrome</a> or 10+ version of Internet Explorer web browser.
error.validation = Input validation check error
fork = Fork
fork.already.exist = Same forked project already exists.
fork.failed = Failed to fork project.
fork.forking = Forking {0} / {1} project into {2} / {3} project
fork.forking.message.1 = Please wait. This process may take a long time depending on the number of files and the history of the original project.
fork.forking.message.2 = You will be moved automatically to the new project after this process ends.
fork.forks = Forks
fork.go = Go to = "Forking" is a great way to contribute to someone else''s project even without write access to it. = Once you fork a project, you can contribute your code by sending pull requests. = Fork this project''s repository.
fork.original = Forked from
fork.redirect.exist = Move to the forked project
git.error.notAllowedCharset = ''{0}'' : Current charset is not allowed! ''{1}/{2}''.
git.error.permission = ''{0}'' has no permission to ''{1}/{2}''.
issue.assignToAuthor = Assign to author
issue.assignToMe = Assign to me
issue.assignee = Assignee = Author = Can''t be deleted because of other users'' comments
issue.comment.delete.confirm = Once you delete this comment, you won''t be able to recover this again. Do you still want to delete it?
issue.comment.delete.window = Delete issue comment
issue.comment.error.have.not.voted = Failed to disagree with the comment because you have not voted this.
issue.comment.error.unvote = Failed to disagree with the comment because a server error has occurred. = Failed to agree with the comment because a server error has occurred.
issue.content = Issue Content
issue.createdDate = Created date
issue.delete = Delete issue
issue.downloadAsExcel = Download as Excel file
issue.dueDate = Due date
issue.dueDate.overdue = Overdue
issue.error.beforeunload = Issue is not saved yet. Would you like to exit this page without saving?
issue.error.emptyBody = Issue description is a required field.
issue.error.emptyTitle = Issue title is a required field.
issue.error.invalid.duedate = Issue due date is not valid date type.
issue.error.unwatch.anonymous = Anonymous cannot unwatch it.
issue.error.unwatch.permission = You have no permission to unwatch it.
issue.event.assigned = {0} assigned this issue to {1}
issue.event.assignedToMe = {0} self-assigned this issue
issue.event.closed = {0} closed this issue
issue.event.label.added = {0} added {1} label
issue.event.label.added.title = Added
issue.event.label.deleted = {0} removed {1} label
issue.event.label.deleted.title = Removed
issue.event.milestone.changed = {0} changed milestone to {1}
issue.event.moved = {0} moved this issue from {1}
issue.event.moved.title = moved = {0} reopened this issue
issue.event.referred = {0} mentioned this issue in {1}
issue.event.referred.title = mentioned
issue.event.sharer.added = {0} shared current issue to {1}
issue.event.sharer.added.title = Issue sharing
issue.event.sharer.deleted = {0} cancelled issue sharing with {1}
issue.event.sharer.deleted.title = Cancelled
issue.event.unassigned = {0} set assignee to unassigned
issue.favorite.added = Added as a favorite issue. You can see it at your issues page
issue.favorite.deleted = Removed from favorite issues = No issue found
issue.label = Issue Label
issue.list.all = All issues
issue.list.all.closed = Closed = Open
issue.list.assignedToMe = Assigned
issue.list.authoredByMe = Created
issue.list.commentedByMe = Commented
issue.list.favorite = Favorite
issue.list.mentionedOfMe = Mentioned
issue.list.sharedWithMe = Shared = New issue = New issue - personal inbox
issue.myIssue = My issues = Results
issue.noAssignee = No assignee
issue.noAuthor = No author
issue.noDuedate = No due date
issue.noMilestone = No milestone
issue.option = Option = Search Issues
issue.sharer = Issue Sharer
issue.sharer.description = You can share this issue with a user or all members of a project. If this project is private, then shared users can only access this issue and its subtasks. = Select Issue Sharer
issue.state = Status
issue.state.all = All
issue.state.assigned = Assigned
issue.state.closed = Closed
issue.state.enrolled = Status entered = Open = — Select parent issue —
issue.template = Issue Template
issue.template.edit = Edit = Issue templates do not support attachments.
issue.unvote.description = Click here if you no longer agree with this issue.
issue.unwatch = Unsubscribe from this issue
issue.unwatch.start = You will no longer get notifications about this issue = Update assignee
issue.update.attachLabel = Attach label
issue.update.detachLabel = Detach label
issue.update.dueDate = Update due date
issue.update.labelIds = Update label = Update milestone
issue.update.state = Update status = Agree = Click here if you agree with this issue.
issue.voters = People who agree with this
issue.voters.more = and {0} others = Subscribe = If subscribe, notify all new comments = Now you will get notifications about this issue
issue.watchers = Watchers
issue.watchers.more = and {0} others
label = Label
label.add = Add label
label.addNewCategory = Add new category
label.category = Category
label.category.edit = Edit category = {0} is a new category.<br>In this category, you can choose
label.category.option = In this category, you can choose
label.category.option.multiple = multiple labels
label.category.option.single = only a single label
label.confirm.delete = Once you delete this label, instances of this label attached to issues will also be removed. Do you still want to delete this label?
label.copy = Copy labels
label.copy.append = Copy all labels from a project and append to current project
label.copy.description = If project path is ''naver/yobi'', then owner name is ''naver'' and project name is ''yobi''. Character case is ignored.
label.copy.description2 = If there is already a label with the same name, category and color, another label will not be added.
label.customColor = Label Color
label.dueDate = Due Date
label.edit = Edit label
label.error.categoryName.empty = Category is a required field.
label.error.categoryName.tooLongSize = Category length must be less than 250 characters.
label.error.color = Please define the label color using HEX or RGB values.
label.error.color.empty = Color field is required.
label.error.creationFailed = Failed to create a new label. A server error may have occurred or the request may be invalid.
label.error.duplicated = Failed to create a new label. The label may already exist. = A label with the same name already exists in the category {0}.
label.error.empty = Category, Color, and Name are required fields.
label.error.labelName.empty = Name is a required field.
label.error.labelName.tooLongSize = Name length must be less than 250 characters.
label.failedTo = Failed to {0}.
label.list.empty = No label exists
label.manage = Manage label = Name = Add new label = Select label
menu.admin = Project configuration
menu.board = Board
menu.code = Code
menu.home = Home
menu.issue = Issue
menu.pullRequest = Pull request = Review
menu.siteAdmin = Site administration
milestone = Milestone
milestone.close = Close milestone
milestone.delete = Delete milestone
milestone.error.content = Milestone description is a required field
milestone.error.duedateFormat = Invalid format. Enter the due date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
milestone.error.title = Milestone title is a required field.
milestone.form.content = Enter milestone description
milestone.form.dueDate = Choose due date
milestone.form.state = Milestone status
milestone.form.title = Milestone title = No milestone entered. = Manage milestone = New milestone = Open
milestone.searchPlaceholder = search at current milestone
milestone.state.all = All
milestone.state.closed = Closed = Open
milestone.title.duplicated = This milestone title already exists. Please enter a different title.
notification = Notification = If you are trying to login for the first time, a confirmation mail will be sent. = You will receive notifications, when the following events occur: = when new posts, issues, and pull-requests are added. = when comments are added to your post, issue, or code. when the issue of which you are author or assignee is changed. = when the pull request status is changed.
notification.issue.assigned = Issue has been assigned to {0}
notification.issue.closed = Issue has been closed
notification.issue.label.added = Label {0} is added
notification.issue.label.deleted = Label {0} is deleted
notification.issue.reopened = Issue has been reopened
notification.issue.unassigned = Issue has been unassigned
notification.issue.sharer.added = Issue is shared with {0}
notification.issue.sharer.deleted = Issue sharing state is changed
notification.linkToView = View it on {0}
notification.linkToViewHtml = <a href="{1}" target="{2}">View it on {0}</a>
notification.member.enroll.accept = Accepted as a member.
notification.member.enroll.cancel = The request has been withdrawn.
notification.member.enroll.request = You received a request for joining your project.
notification.member.request.accept.title = Re: [{0}] {1} is accepted as a member
notification.member.request.cancel.title = [{0}] {1} cancelled the request to be a member.
notification.member.request.title = [{0}] {1} wants to join your project
notification.milestone.changed = Milestone is changed to {0}
notification.none = No notification has been received. = change settings at {0} if you want to mute this. = You can {0} or
notification.organization.member.enroll.accept = Joined as a member.
notification.organization.member.enroll.cancel = The request for joining your group has been cancelled.
notification.organization.member.enroll.request = You received a request for joining your group.
notification.organization.member.request.title = [{0}] {1} wants to join your group
notification.organization.type.member.enroll = Requests for joining group
notification.pullrequest.closed = Pull Request closed
notification.pullrequest.conflicts = Pull Request conflicts
notification.pullrequest.current.commits = Current Pull Request Commits
notification.pullrequest.merged = Pull Request merged
notification.pullrequest.reopened = Pull Request has been reopened
notification.pullrequest.reviewed = {0} completed a pull request review.
notification.pullrequest.unreviewed = {0} withdrew a pull request review.
notification.pushed.branches = Branches
notification.pushed.commits = [{0}] pushed {1} commits = [{0}] pushed {1} commits to {2}
notification.pushed.newcommits = New Commits
notification.replyOrLinkToView = Reply to this email directly or view it on {0}
notification.replyOrLinkToViewHtml = Reply to this email directly or <a href="{1}" target="{2}">view it on {0}</a>
notification.reviewthread.closed = Review thread closed.
notification.reviewthread.inTheFile = In {0}:
notification.reviewthread.reopened = Review thread reopened
notification.resource.deleted = Deleted by {0}
notification.send.mail = Send notification mail
notification.send.mail.warning = If you are not the original author, this option will be ignored. Notification mail will be sent.
notification.type.comment.updated = Comment updated
notification.type.issue.assignee.changed = Issue assignee changed.
notification.type.issue.body.changed = Issue body changed = Issue moved
notification.type.issue.label.changed = Issue label changed
notification.type.issue.moved = Issue has been moved. From {0} To {1}
notification.type.issue.referred.from.commit = Issue mentioned in commit
notification.type.issue.referred.from.pullrequest = Issue mentioned in pull request
notification.type.issue.state.changed = Issue status changed
notification.type.member.enroll = Requests for joining projects
notification.type.milestone.changed = Milestone changed = New comment on post or issue added = New commits on a project = New issue added = New post added = New pull request added = New comment on pull request added
notification.type.posting.body.changed = Posting changed
notification.type.pullrequest.commit.changed = Pull Request Commit Change
notification.type.pullrequest.conflicts = Pull request conflicts
notification.type.pullrequest.merged = Pull request merged
notification.type.pullrequest.merged.conflict = Pull request conflicts
notification.type.pullrequest.merged.resolved = Pull request conflict Resolved = Pull Request Review Action Changed
notification.type.pullrequest.reviewed = Pull request review completed.
notification.type.pullrequest.state.changed = Pull request Status changed.
notification.type.pullrequest.unreviewed = Pull request review is canceled.
notification.type.resource.deleted = Issue/Posting deletion = Review Thread State Change
notification.unwatch = Unwatch = Watch = When you watch a project, you will receive notifications.
organization.choose.projects = Choose projects
organization.create = Create Group
organization.delete = Group Delete
organization.delete.error = An error occurred while deleting a group.
organization.delete.impossible.project.exist = You cannot delete a group that has project(s).
organization.delete.reaccept = Are you sure you want to delete this group?
organization.delete.requestion = Do you want to delete this group?
organization.delete.this = Delete This Group
organization.deleted = Deleted Group
organization.description.placeholder = input group''s description = Does not belong to any group
organization.logo = Logo
organization.logo.alert = This is not an image.
organization.logo.fileSizeAlert = The size of an image should be less than 1MB.
organization.logo.maxFileSize = Max File size
organization.logo.size = Image size
organization.logo.type = File type
organization.member = Group member
organization.member.alreadyMember = This user already participated in this group
organization.member.atLeastOneAdmin = A group has to have at least one admin
organization.member.delete = Delete a group member
organization.member.deleteConfirm = Are you sure this user should leave this group? = You can be a member if the members of this group accept this request. = Admins of this group can check your enrollment request.
organization.member.enrollment.title = Member enrollment request
organization.member.isNotAMember = The user is not a group member
organization.member.leave = Leave the group
organization.member.leave.unknownerror = Failed to leave this group. Please ask site admin
organization.member.leaveConfirm = Do you want to leave this group?
organization.member.needManagerRole = To delete a member from a group, you need the group manager role
organization.member.unknownOrganization = Non existent group
organization.member.unknownRole = Non existent role
organization.member.unknownUser = Non existent user
organization.members.addMember = Add a new member... = Enter the group name in alphanumerical or symbol characters(_-.) = Already existent user''s login id or group name. = input group name
organization.setting = Group Setting
organization.settingFrom = Setting = You may want to be a member of {0} group. = You want to be a member of {0} group. = Author
post.comment.empty = Comment should not be empty.
post.createdDate = Created date
post.delete.confirm = Once you delete the post, you won''t be able to recover it. Do you still want to delete this post?
post.error.beforeunload = This post has not been saved yet. Would you like to exit this page without saving?
post.error.emptyBody = Body of post is a required field.
post.error.emptyTitle = Title is a required field. = No post has been added. = Search
post.modify = Edit post = New = File path
post.notice = Notice
post.notice.label = Set this post as notice.
post.popup.fileAttach.contents = Please select files to attach
post.popup.fileAttach.hasMissing = {0} attachment files are missing.
post.popup.fileAttach.hasMissing.description = It may be caused by the server''s time to keep temporary upload file ({1} min). Please upload again.
post.popup.fileAttach.title = Select files
post.readmefy= make it a README file
post.unwatch = Stop watching
post.unwatch.start = Notifications about this post has been muted
post.update.error = Errors in input values. = Watch = You will receive notifications about this post
post.write = New post
project.all = ALL
project.belongsToMe = Project members.
project.changeVCS = Repository Type Change
project.changeVCS.accept = I agree with changing the repository type.
project.changeVCS.alert = You should agree with changing the repository type.
project.changeVCS.current.vcs = Current Repository Type
project.changeVCS.description1 = Changing the repository to {0}.
project.changeVCS.description2 = If the repository is changed, all code and history will be deleted.
project.changeVCS.error = Can''t change repository type
project.changeVCS.reaccept = Are you sure?
project.changeVCS.requestion = Do you want to change the repository to {0}?
project.changeVCS.this = Change Repository Type.
project.codeAccessible = Only project members can access code or related menus
project.codeUpdate = Latest code update
project.create = Create a project
project.created = Created date
project.createdByMe = Own projects
project.dashboard = Dashboard
project.dashboard.more = See <strong>{0}</strong> more
project.dashboard.openIssuesByAssignee = Open issues: by assignee
project.dashboard.openIssuesByLabel = Open issues: by label
project.dashboard.openIssuesByMilestone = Open issues: by milestone
project.dashboard.pullRequests = Open pull requests = Participating projects = Watching projects
project.defaultBranch.placeholder = Enter default branch
project.delete = Delete project
project.delete.accept = I agree to delete this project.
project.delete.alert = You should agree to delete this project.
project.delete.description = Once you delete the project, data related to code, board, issues etc. will also be deleted, and won''t be able to be recovered.
project.delete.error = Error occurred while deleting a project.
project.delete.reaccept = Are you sure you want to delete this project?
project.delete.requestion = Do you want to delete this project?
project.delete.this = Delete this project
project.description = Description
project.description.placeholder = Enter project description
project.git.repository.url = Git repository URL
project.git.url.alert = Please type in Git repository URL. E.g. = Project groups
project.history.item = {0} {1} {2}
project.history.recent = Recent history
project.history.type.commit = Committed
project.history.type.issue = New issue added. = New post added.
project.history.type.pullrequest = New code sent.
project.import.auth.required = Requires authorization
project.import.auth.userid = Access ID
project.import.auth.userid.desc = Entered information will not stored anywhere.
project.import.auth.userpw = Access Password
project.import.error.empty.url = Please type in Git repository URL.
project.import.error.transport = Failed to access the Git repository ({0})
project.import.error.transport.failedToAuth = Entered access ID or password is incorrect
project.import.error.transport.forbidden = You do not have permission to access
project.import.error.transport.unauthorized = You need to be authorized to access
project.import.error.wrong.url = Wrong Git repository URL.
project.import.from.git = Import Git repository.
project.import.or = Or = Project information = Project not exists = No
project.lastUpdate = Last update
project.license = License
project.logo = Project logo
project.logo.alert = This is not an image file.
project.logo.fileSizeAlert = Images should be less than 5MB in size.
project.logo.maxFileSize = Maximum file size
project.logo.size = Image size
project.logo.type = File type: bmp, jpg, gif, png
project.member = Member
project.member.alreadyMember = Member already joined this project.
project.member.delete = Delete project member
project.member.deleteConfirm = Are you sure you want this user to leave this project? = You will be a member of this project when project manager or other members accept your request.
project.member.enrollment.request = Sign-up request = Project manager or other members of this project will check your sign-up request.
project.member.isManager = You need project manager-level authority.
project.member.leave = Leave project
project.member.leaveConfirm = Do you want to leave this project?
project.member.notExist = User not exists.
project.member.ownerCannotLeave = Project owner cannot leave one''s own project.
project.member.ownerMustBeAManager = Project owner must have a manager-level authority.
project.members = Project members
project.members.addMember = Add new member ID. = Menu Setting = Project name = Enter name in alphabet, number or some symbolic characters(_-.) = Same project name already exists. = Enter project name in alphabet, number or some symbolic characters(_-.) = You can''t use reserved names. = Naming rules = I have read this user agreement and agree to all of its provisions. = Git = Subversion
project.onmember = <i class="yobicon-friends yobicon-middle"></i><strong>{0}</strong>
project.onwatching = <strong>{0}</strong>
project.owner = Owner Name = Owner Login Id
project.owner.invalidate = Owner information is not valid.
project.owner.placeholder = Please select project ownership = This project was moved from {0}
project.private = PRIVATE
project.private.notice = Project access must be granted explicitly for each user. but basic information (name, description, etc.) can be exposed to public.
project.projects = projects
project.protected = GROUP PUBLIC
project.protected.notice = Users in the group and also explicitly granted users are available to access the project.
project.public = PUBLIC
project.public.notice = Anonymous users are available to access the project.
project.readme = will be shown here if you add it into the code repository''s root directory.
project.readme.create = create README
project.recently.visited = Recently visited
project.reviewer.count = Reviewer
project.reviewer.count.description = of reviewers is required to merge pull request.
project.reviewer.count.disable = Disable
project.reviewer.count.enable = Enable
project.searchPlaceholder = Search current project
project.setting = Settings
project.shareOption = Share Options
project.siteurl = Site URL
project.siteurl.alert = URL should start with ''http://''.
project.svn.readme = will be shown here if you add it into the code repository''s root directory or /trunk directory.
project.svn.warning = Subversion can''t use pull request
project.tags = Tags
project.transfer = Transfer
project.transfer.accept = I agree with transfer this project.
project.transfer.alert = You should agree with transfer this project.
project.transfer.description = If this project is transferred, new owner or a group''s admin will take all the rights of this project.
project.transfer.description1 = This transfer will be done when the new owner or a group''s admin accept the request.
project.transfer.description2 = This project will be owned by new owner or a group.
project.transfer.description3 = When it''s done, project''s current owner will be changed to a member of this project.
project.transfer.description4 = The URL of all resources including issues, postings and others of this project will be changed.
project.transfer.description5 = The URL of the repository of this project will be changed.
project.transfer.description6 = Also, previous links are available. After changing it, during the first 24 hours, you can rename or transfer freely as many time as you want without braking previous links. The previous URL will be fixed and preserved for 24 hours.
project.transfer.error = Not available user or group. Please check whether the user''s login id or the gorup''s name is correct.
project.transfer.has.same.owner = This project already owned by the user or group. = The transfer request email has been sent. = new owner or group
project.transfer.reaccept = Are you sure?
project.transfer.requestion = Do you want to transfer this project?
project.transfer.this = Transfer this project
project.unwatch = Unwatch
project.unwatch.start = Notifications of this project has muted
project.vcs = Repository type = Watch
project.watcher.description = * This list contains only who can access to this project.
project.watcher.number = number of watcher
project.watcher.title = This project's watcher list.
project.watching = Watching
project.webhook = Webhooks
project.webhook.add = Add webhook = * Every webhook is sent in POST and with Content-Type: application/json header. <br/>* If you need to include additional fields and values, please use query string. e.g. <br />* If you put a value in the Token field, ''Authorization: token input-value'' header is added to HTTP header. <br/>
project.webhook.list.empty = No webhook exists. = Create new webhook
project.webhook.payloadUrl = Payload URL
project.webhook.payloadUrl.empty = Paylaod URL is required field.
project.webhook.payloadUrl.tooLong = Given payload URL is too long. (Maximum 2000 Characters)
project.webhook.secret = Authorization Token
project.webhook.secret.tooLong = Given secret token is too long. (Maximum 250 Characters)
project.webhook.gitPushOnly = Git push hook = You are not watching {0} project. = You are watching {0} project. = You can send a sign-up request for {0} project. = You have sent a sign-up request for {0} project.
pullRequest = Pull request
pullRequest.merge = Merge
pullRequest.additional.changes = Additional changes = Back to pull request.
pullRequest.body.required = Enter pull request description.
pullRequest.cancel = Cancel
pullRequest.changes.all = All commit changes
pullRequest.close = Close
pullRequest.code.commented.from = Commented on {0}
pullRequest.code.commented.on.from = Commented on {1} of {0}
pullRequest.code.replied = Replied = 0
pullRequest.commmit.count = Commit Count
pullRequest.conflict.files = Conflicted files
pullRequest.delete.branch = Delete branch
pullRequest.delete.frombranch.message = You can delete branch.
pullRequest.diff.noChanges = No changes have been made.
pullRequest.duplicated = Please select another branch. Same pull request already exists in the current branch..
pullRequest.error.newPullRequestForm = Invalid project or branch<br>({0} {1})
pullRequest.event.closed = Closed
pullRequest.event.commit = Committed
pullRequest.event.conflict = Conflicted
pullRequest.event.merged = Merged
pullRequest.event.message.closed = {0} closed this pull request.
pullRequest.event.message.commit = {0} has committed.
pullRequest.event.message.conflict = Conflict has occurred.
pullRequest.event.message.merged = {0} merged commit ({1}) = {0} opened this pull request.
pullRequest.event.message.rejected = {0} postponed this pull request.
pullRequest.event.message.resolved = Conflict has been resolved. = Opened
pullRequest.event.rejected = Postponed
pullRequest.event.resolved = Resolved
pullRequest.from = From
pullRequest.fromBranch.required = Select branch that contains code to be sent. = This is a simple way to contribute your code to original project. = Please select your branch containing your code to be sent and that of original project to receive your code, and describe your code briefly. = Member of the original project can accept or postpone your code.
pullRequest.ignore.conflict = This code seems to have conflicts when merging. Do you really want to continue? = Checking = No pull requests have been received = We are checking if the code is safe. Please wait for a while to complete this process. = Conflict occurred when merging. This pull request cannot be merged safely. = No = This pull request can be merged safely. = Safe to Merge = Yes = Changes = Commits = Overview = You can check commits and descriptions on received code. = If members of the original project accept the code, it will be merged into original project. = You can''t accept code if the code is not safe to merge. = When you can''t accept code, you can postpone or delete the pull request.
pullRequest.merge.requested = has sent pull request:
pullRequest.merged.the.pullrequest = accepted this pull request. = pull request There are conflicts. = Now, it''s on checking the code. = {0} more reviewer is necessary. = This pull request is not open. = {0} more reviewers should complete review.
pullRequest.pushed.branches.title = Recently pushed branch
pullRequest.received = Received code
pullRequest.reopen = Reopen
pullRequest.resolve.conflict = Resolving conflicts
pullRequest.resolver.step1 = Move from local to branch that sent code.
pullRequest.resolver.step10 = The End!
pullRequest.resolver.step11 = Double check whether your pull request can be merged safely or not.
pullRequest.resolver.step2 = Add upstream repository URL as new remote. But if you did it already, skip.
pullRequest.resolver.step3 = Get the latest upstream code.
pullRequest.resolver.step4 = Rebase branch that will receive code.
pullRequest.resolver.step5 = There must be some conflicted files. Open the files and edit them.
pullRequest.resolver.step6 = Once you fix it, notify it to Git.
pullRequest.resolver.step7 = After resolving all conflicts, continue rebasing.
pullRequest.resolver.step8 = You may need to repeat steps 5 to 7 several times.
pullRequest.resolver.step9 = After rebasing, push it to origin.
pullRequest.restore.branch = Restore branch
pullRequest.restore.frombranch.message = Branch can be restored. = Approve = Closed review = Open review = <strong>{0}</strong> participants = Total review = Select branch
pullRequest.send = Send pull request
pullRequest.sender = Sender
pullRequest.sent = Sent code
pullRequest.sentByMe = Sent by me
pullRequest.state.closed = Closed
pullRequest.state.conflict = Conflict
pullRequest.state.merged = Merged = Open
pullRequest.title.required = Title is a required field. = To
pullRequest.toBranch.required = Select branch that will receive code to be sent.
pullRequest.unreview = Cancel review
pullRequest.unwatch.start = Notifications of this pull request has muted = You will receive notifications of this pull request
resource.code = code
resource.code_comment = comment on code
resource.comment_thread = thread of comments
resource.commit = commit
resource.issue_comment = comment on issue
resource.issue_post = issue
resource.nonissue_comment = comment on posting
resource.project = project
resource.pull_request = pullrequest
resource.review_comment = comment for review
review.allReview = All reviews
review.createdByYou = Created
review.involvingYou = Participated. = No review has been added.
review.outdated = Outdated = Post Comments = Posts = Issue Comments = Issues = Milestones = Projects = Code Reviews = Users
search.result.title = Found <strong>{0}</strong> result(s) in {1}
search.scope.all = All Projects = This Group
search.scope.project = This Project
search.title = Search
site = Site = Export = All data read from a DB will be exported into a file. = Import = Replace existing data with exported yobi data file. = Before import or export data, you should block other user''s access and only allow site admin. = Please wait until finishing the download of a file, after click export button. = Please backup database before import data, in some cases you can lose existing data.
site.diagnostic.errorFound = {0} errors were found
site.diagnostic.errorNotFound = No errors were found
site.features.codeManagement = Your code is safely stored in a version controlled system.
site.features.codeReview = Review all changes in code with your team before merging. Code discussion will help you improve your code.
site.features.issueTracker = Yona provides an issue tracker to help you deal with your issues more easily and clearly.
site.features.privateRepositories = Keep your code private at your private repositories.
site.features.unlimitedProjects = Work based on project/organization which supported by proper roles
site.features.workTeam = Yona provides simple and easy team management tool to help you build teams for each project.
site.features.error.clipboard = Browser doesn't support clipboard feature.
site.mail.body = Body = Failed to send a mail.
site.mail.from = From
site.mail.fromPlaceholder =
site.mail.notConfigured = Mailer has not been configured. Set following properties at conf/application.conf.
site.mail.send = Send
site.mail.sended = Mail has been sent.
site.mail.subject = Subject = To
site.mail.toPlaceholder =
site.mail.write = Write
site.massMail.loading = Loading...
site.massMail.toAll = To all
site.massMail.toProjects = To members of a specific project
site.organization.filter = Find organization by name
site.project.delete = Delete project
site.project.deleteConfirm = Do you really want to delete this project?
site.project.filter = Search by keyword
site.resetPasswordEmail.desc = If you forget current password or generated at first social login...
site.resetPasswordEmail.invalidRequest = Invalid password reset request
site.resetPasswordEmail.mailContents = Copy the following URL and paste it to browser''s URL bar
site.resetPasswordEmail.title = Password reset request
site.resetPasswordEmail.wrongUrl = Wrong url to reset password. = Site search
site.sidebar = Site management = Data
site.sidebar.diagnostics = Diagnostics
site.sidebar.issueList = Issues
site.sidebar.mailSend = Send email
site.sidebar.massMail = Send massive emails
site.sidebar.postList = Posts
site.sidebar.projectList = Projects
site.sidebar.update = Software Update
site.sidebar.userList = Users
site.update.currentVersion = Current version is Yona {0} = Download
site.update.error = Failed to check for updates because of the following error:
site.update.isAvailable = Yona {0} is available
site.update.isNotNecessary = You are using the latest version
site.update.notification = Software update: Yona {0} is available
site.update.notification.hide = Hide
site.user.delete = Delete user
site.user.deleteConfirm = Are you sure you want this user to leave?
site.userList.deleteAlert = This user cannot be deleted because this user is the only manager of the project.
site.userList.deleted = Deleted user
site.userList.guest = Guest User
site.userList.locked = Locked user = Find user by login ID, user name or email
site.userList.unlocked = Unlocked user
title = Title
title.boardList = Posting List
title.branches = Branches
title.codeManagement = Code management
title.codeReview = Code review
title.commitHistory = Commit history
title.contentSearchResult = Content Search Result
title.createdByMe = Create
title.editIssue = Edit issue
title.editMilestone = Edit milestone
title.editPullRequest = Edit pull request
title.features = Key features
title.forgotpassword = Forgot password?
title.gettingStarted = Getting started with your new project with <strong>{0}</strong> = Help
title.issueDetail = Issue details
title.issueList = Issue list
title.issueTracker = Issue tracker
title.joinmember = Member
title.keymap = Keyboard shortcuts
title.list = All List
title.login = Log in
title.loginFor = Log in to <span class="highlight">{0}</span>
title.logout = Log out = Markdown help
title.massMail = Send massive mails
title.milestoneList = Milestone list
title.newIssue = New issue
title.newMilestone = New milestone
title.newOrganization = New Group
title.newProject = Create new project
title.newPullRequest = Send pull request = No results
title.or = or
title.organization = Groups
title.organization.list = Group List
title.organizationHome = Group Home = Page not found
title.privateProject = Private repositories
title.project = Project
title.projectChangeVCS= Repository Change
title.projectDashboard = Project dashboard
title.projectDelete = Delete project
title.projectHome = Project home
title.projectList = Project list
title.projectMembers = Member list
title.projectSetting = Project settings
title.projectTransfer = Project Transfer
title.projectWatchers = Watcher list
title.pullrequest = Pull Request
title.recently.visited = Recently visited
title.rememberMe = Stay logged in
title.resetPassword = Reset password
title.resetPasswordFor = Reset password for <span class="highlight">{0}</span> = Search
title.searchByKeyword = Search by keyword
title.sendMail = Send email
title.shortcut = Shortcut
title.signup = Sign up
title.signupConfirmDesc = It is required admission of admin for activation.
title.signupConfirmDesc2 = If you needed, contact to <span class="obfuscate">{0}</span>
title.signupFor = Sign up for <span class="highlight">{0}</span>
title.siteSetting = Site settings
title.text = Title = Type name
title.unlimitedProjects = Project / Organization
title.watching = Watching
title.workTeam = Team play = Feedback
title.zenmode = Zen mode
transfer.message.deadline = If you don''t accept the transfer it''ll expire in a day.
transfer.message.detail = @{2} wants to transfer the {2}/{0} project to {3}/{1}.
transfer.message.hello = Hello {0}, = To accept the request, visit this link:
transfer.message.thank = Thanks
user.avatar.fileSizeAlert = Images should be less than 1MB in size..
user.avatar.onlyImage = Only image files are allowed to be uploaded.
user.avatar.uploadError = Failed to upload. Please ask site admin
user.confirmPassword = Confirm password
user.confirmPassword.alert = This password doesn''t match the confirmation = Connected Social Login
user.currentPassword = Current password
user.deleted = Deleted user account = Email address = Email address already exists = New E-mail address
user.enroll.failed = Failed to Sign-up. Server error may have occurred or the request may be invalid.
user.enroll.failed.client = Failed to Sign-up. The request is invalid.\nPlease ask site admin. = Failed to Sign-up because network trouble.\nPlease ask site admin.
user.enroll.failed.server = Failed to Sign-up because server error has occurred.\nPlease ask site admin.
user.files = My files
user.isAlreadySignupUser = Already signed up?
user.isLocked = Is the user account locked out?
user.locked = This user account is locked. See your email box or contact admin.
user.login.alert = Please log in.
user.login.failed = Failed to log in. Server error may have occurred or the request may be invalid.
user.login.failed.client = Failed to log in. The request is invalid.\nPlease ask site admin. = Failed to log in because network trouble.\nPlease ask site admin.
user.login.failed.server = Failed to log in because server error has occurred.\nPlease ask site admin.
user.login.invalid = Your log in ID, E-mail or password is not valid.
user.login.key = Login ID or E-mail
user.login.required = Login ID or E-mail and password is required field.
user.loginId = Login ID
user.loginId.duplicate = Same log in ID already exists.
user.loginWithNewPassword = Please log in with new password!
user.logout.success = You have logged out successfully = User menu = Name
user.newPassword = New password = User not exists
user.password = Password
user.role.anonymous = Anonymous
user.role.guest = Guest
user.role.manager = Manager
user.role.member = Member
user.role.org_admin = Group Manager
user.role.org_member = Group Member
user.role.owner = Project owner
user.role.sitemanager = Site Manager
user.signup.requested = Sign-up request has been sent. Site admin will review and accept your request. Thanks.
user.signupBtn = Sign up
user.signupId = User ID (lower case)
user.siteAdminLoggedInAffix = You are Admin now!
user.siteAdminLoggedInAffix.maxim = With great power comes great responsibility = Your email domain doesn't allowed.
user.verification = User verification = Click this link to verify email
user.verification.mail.sent = User verification mail was sent.
user.verification.signup.confirm = New Sign-up Confirm
user.verified = Verified User
user.verified.detail = User is verified. Try login.
user.wrongEmail.alert = Wrong email address.
user.wrongPassword.alert = Wrong password!
user.wrongloginId.alert = Enter Valid ID
user.yourEmail = Your email address
user.yourLoginId = Your login ID
userinfo.accountSetting = Account settings
userinfo.changeAvatar = Change avatar
userinfo.changeEmails = Email settings
userinfo.changeNotifications = Notification settings
userinfo.changePassword = Change password
userinfo.daysAgo.prefix= recently
userinfo.daysAgo.suffix= days ago
userinfo.editProfile = Edit profile
userinfo.leave = Leaved date
userinfo.leaveProject = Leave
userinfo.leaveProject.confirm = Are you sure to leave {0}?
userinfo.profile = My profile
userinfo.recreateToken = Recreate User Token
userinfo.reset.visited.project.list = Reset recently visited project list
userinfo.reset.visited.project.list.done = Reset list
userinfo.since = Member since
userinfo.token = User Token
validation.allowedCharsForLoginId = Login id may contain alphanumeric characters including dash, underscore or dot, but cannot begin or end with underscore or dot.
validation.duplicated = Already exists!
validation.invalidEmail = Enter valid email address!
validation.passwordMismatch = Retyped password doesn''t match
validation.required = Required field!
validation.reservedWord = The word is already used as a system reserved word.
validation.retypePassword = Password confirmation
validation.tooShortPassword = Password must be at least 4 characters in length.
viaEmail.error.cannotCreate = You ({1}) don''t have the permission to create {2} in project {3}. = We could not understand the address <{0}> in the recipient list. Which project do you want to send the email to?
viaEmail.error.forbidden.or.notfound = The project which matches with the address <{0}> does not exist or is not allowed to access. = Best Regards,\n{0} = You can send an email to Yona to post or comment an issue. For example, if you want to post an issue to {0} project, just send an email to <{1}>. And then, if someone reply the email which includes <{1}> in its recipient list, the new email will be added as a comment of the issue. = {0} failed to process your email. The reasons are as follows:\n{1} = {0} failed to process your email because {1} = Hello, {0} = We provide the guide on how to send an email to {0}. I hope this will help you. = How to use {0} by Email
watchers = People watching this article
watchers.more = and {0} others