91708 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rasmus Thomsen 74d52751bc community/bcc: rebuild against llvm10/clang-10 2 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 7b43fcb5a4 community/geary: upgrade to 3.36.1 20 hours ago
  Ariadne Conill 1ccc229a61 main/ttf-liberation: fix FTBFS due to incorrect source URI for liberation sans narrow 4 hours ago
  Ariadne Conill 566525553b main/linux-octeon: upgrade to 5.4.28 4 hours ago
  Ariadne Conill 0cb265d008 main/gcc: enable D on mips, unconditionally install libucontext-dev 4 hours ago
  Andy Postnikov 683e6154dd testing/traefik: upgrade to 2.1.9 4 days ago
  Leo 533d0d5193 main/iptables: remove sed call that does not apply anymore 14 hours ago
  Ariadne Conill 967c039405 main/libucontext: upgrade to 0.10 5 hours ago
  Drew DeVault ded33d3894 main/samurai: upgrade to 1.1 12 hours ago
  Drew DeVault de74aecdb9 community/alacritty: upgrade to 0.4.2 13 hours ago
  Sören Tempel 8c66955125 main/xorg-server: set buildtype to plain 15 hours ago
  Leo 7f9d0dd06f main/mdocml: pass HAVE_LESS_T 13 hours ago
  Leo 53b4005cfd testing/py3-pyperclip: upgrade to 1.8.0 14 hours ago
  Leo a0486476f0 main/py3-importlib-metadata: upgrade to 1.6.0 15 hours ago
  Leo 8ce979741e testing/py3-pyautogui: upgrade to 0.9.49 14 hours ago
  Leo 4ecd26c14b testing/py3-flake8-builtins: upgrade to 1.5.2 15 hours ago
  Leo f4e47ee81d testing/py3-flake8-quotes: upgrade to 3.0.0 15 hours ago
  Leo 31624bfe99 community/py3-boto3: upgrade to 1.12.31 15 hours ago
  Leo 082c1cad86 community/py3-botocore: upgrade to 1.15.31 15 hours ago
  Leo ac39a535d1 testing/xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin: upgrade to 0.4.3 15 hours ago
  Leo aab7107c59 main/gsm: upgrade to 1.0.19 15 hours ago
  Milan P. Stanić 0f0fb9f35a main/ncurses: upgrade to 6.2_p20200328 19 hours ago
  Paper e9fe6ad8a7 testing/epub2txt: new aport 17 hours ago
  Paper a4c222a524 testing/py3-astroid: fix wrapt version requirement 18 hours ago
  Paper fa77359eb3 main/busybox: add manpage 17 hours ago
  Sören Tempel 54a0019145 main/xorg-server: enable xcsecurity again 17 hours ago
  Sören Tempel 151641d5bd main/xorg-server: enable xdm-auth-1 again 17 hours ago
  Leo eb30fa900d main/mesa: fix checksum 18 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen c22d125b0a main/mesa: revert downgrade to 19.3.4 and rebuild against LLVM10 18 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen d5b9ebeb01 main/llvm9: set as non-default llvm now that llvm10 is out. 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen ede55750bf testing/creduce: apply upstream-pending patch to allow building with LLVM10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 32cfcc2036 testing/bpftrace: upgrade to 0.9.5_git20200329 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen ce618799ec main/compiler-rt: upgrade to 10.0.0 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 82f675ed18 testing/shiboken2: rebuild against clang10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 0de1569c8c testing/kdevelop: rebuild against clang10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen f4b5a21eea community/gnome-builder: rebuild against clang10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 3ff5e694e2 community/rust: rebuild against llvm10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 8ec8650a73 community/lldb: upgrade to 10.0.0 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 6093e4ce90 community/lld: upgrade to 10.0.0 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 866b37e8f7 community/ldc: rebuild against llvm10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 817d3ce25f community/afl: rebuild against llvm10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 82a4f4b083 main/postgresql: rebuild against llvm10 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 202eb56c2b main/clang: upgrade to 10.0.0 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 7a1323c274 main/llvm10: new aport 1 day ago
  Frédéric Guillot bdb0410fc5 community/miniflux: move from testing 1 day ago
  Michał Polański 33b943ea62 testing/miniflux: upgrade to 2.0.21 1 day ago
  Tom Payne a44ad4be72 community/chezmoi: upgrade to v1.7.18 18 hours ago
  Leo 75037b7aac main/ccache: upgrade to 3.7.9 20 hours ago
  Drew DeVault 2ca4f26f87 community/py3-tqdm: upgrade to 4.44.1 20 hours ago
  Bart Ribbers 290a52431f community/qt5-qtwebkit: fix ASM on aarch64 21 hours ago