88795 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  kjg-ungleich 088c7fb368 testing/guacamole-server: new aport 6 days ago
  Milan P. Stanić 47bfe111c8 main/ppp: cleanup APKBUILD and modernize 1 week ago
  Milan P. Stanić 55e4d384e1 main/ppp: change url to 1 week ago
  Milan P. Stanić a8ec4b78e1 main/ppp: upgrade to 2.4.8 2 weeks ago
  Yaakov Selkowitz 6643152a78 main/nginx: enable mod-http-lua on s390x 3 weeks ago
  Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier 854e2058cd testing/badwolf: enable tests 1 week ago
  Leo 2fb181e43a community/drupal7: rebuild to fix url= 16 hours ago
  Leo dad77eb305 main/pm-utils: fix url= 16 hours ago
  Leo 52984a5bea main/pkgconf: fix url= 16 hours ago
  Leo 1aa7adeb62 community/ospd: fix url= and license= 16 hours ago
  Leo 4463b40840 testing/sqm-scripts: upgrade to 1.4.0 17 hours ago
  Leo 7f5e8703d7 main/perl-convert-uulib: upgrade to 1.62 17 hours ago
  Leo 7b97bfb0f0 community/eom: upgrade to 1.24.0 17 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 435545278f community/webkit2gtk: upgrade to 2.26.4 21 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 9eb98d16d3 testing/mozjs68: upgrade to 68.5.0 21 hours ago
  Leo fa9afea147 rebuild against 19 hours ago
  Leo a9685e5ff8 main/x265: upgrade to 3.3 19 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 3b0f775f62 main/gtk+3.0: upgrade to 3.24.14 21 hours ago
  Leo 97e17fb58e community/suricata: upgrade to 5.0.2 22 hours ago
  Leo 778bdc2a2e testing/zola: upgrade to 0.10.0 22 hours ago
  Adam Saponara 4051def9ee testing/termbox: new aport 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 55816da94e community/gom: upgrade to 0.4 21 hours ago
  Rasmus Thomsen f7bac9992f community/gnome-disk-utility: upgrade to 3.34.4 21 hours ago
  Leo 1c65966f54 testing/xfdashboard: upgrade to 0.7.7 22 hours ago
  Leo 765a21a3ab community/caddy: set CADDYPATH to /etc/caddy and use supervisor-daemon 23 hours ago
  Ariadne Conill 2dd84143c8 main/linux-octeon: upgrade to 5.4.20 23 hours ago
  Ariadne Conill d7cdb1931e main/gcc: disable D support on mips for now 23 hours ago
  Leo 6081d72ed6 main/py3-idna: upgrade to 2.9 23 hours ago
  Leo b260d88feb community/i3wm: upgrade to 4.18 23 hours ago
  Leo ce654af7e0 community/synapse: upgrade to 1.10.1 1 day ago
  Kaarle Ritvanen 1095e7a46c main/dmvpn: upgrade to 1.3.0 1 day ago
  Jakub Jirutka 2e9cb6fab5 main/freeradius: return abfab* 1 day ago
  Jakub Jirutka 69138d98ce main/freeradius: fix problem with globbing 1 day ago
  Jakub Jirutka adbe3b5663 main/freeradius: move radclient to subpkg -utils 1 day ago
  Jakub Jirutka c180bb111b main/freeradius: remove testing tools (radattr, map_unit) from package 1 day ago
  Rasmus Thomsen af89ffd87b community/nextcloud-client: upgrade to 2.6.3 1 day ago
  Simon Rupf e06c3e6cfd testing/dar: new aport 4 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 3bf4e490b3 community/librsvg: add -dbg and -lang subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 02c2cdf790 main/libgudev: add -dbg subpkg and cleanup 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 03eb00ed68 main/json-glib: fix buildtype, add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen c6ae18e760 main/gdk-pixbuf: fix buildtype, cleanup 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 0c902a2a93 community/ostree: add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 15e2bb1638 community/libxmlb: fix buildtype, add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 931630d302 community/libsoup: fix buildtype, add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen d680f41a1d community/gspell: add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen c62e265f29 community/gnome-online-accounts: add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen a7668dd776 community/flatpak: add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Rasmus Thomsen 72f66fa447 community/appstream-glib: fix buildtype, add -dbg subpkg 2 days ago
  Leo cc199aa4db community/py3-pyftpdlib: upgrade to 1.5.6 1 day ago
  Leo 60b4477ce7 testing/mlt: upgrade to 6.20.0 1 day ago