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Rasmus Thomsen abac13dd49 testing/b3sum: disable on armhf 4 uur geleden
.githooks githooks: fix pre-commit hook to allow empty source 1 jaar geleden
.github github: lockdown do not lock prs 2 weken geleden
.travis Fix a small typo in build-pkgs 10 maanden geleden
community community/corefm: disable on armhf due to qtdeclarative 5 uur geleden
main main/acpica: upgrade to 20200110 21 uur geleden
non-free community/mongodb-tools: move from non-free 1 maand geleden
scripts scripts/ make initramfs readable 3 weken geleden
testing testing/b3sum: disable on armhf 4 uur geleden
unmaintained unmaintained/netbox: move from testing 1 week geleden
.drone.yml drone: disable cloning 9 maanden geleden
.editorconfig protect tabs in APKBUILD files 3 jaren geleden
.gitignore gitignore: ignore VS Code directories 2 jaren geleden
.gitlab-ci.yml ci: fix typo in armv7 image tag 2 weken geleden
.mailmap mailmap: add missing alias for my old email 4 weken geleden
.travis.yml travis: use minimal travis image to speed-up start 1 jaar geleden use 'than' rather than 'then' 5 maanden geleden Update to reflect usage of GitLab 1 maand geleden

Alpine Linux aports repository

This repository contains the APKBUILD files for each and every Alpine Linux package, along with the required patches and scripts, if any.

It also contains some extra files and directories related to testing (and therefore, building) those packages on GitLab (via GitLab CI) and GitHub (via Travis and

If you want to contribute, please read the contributor guide and feel free to either submit a git patch on the Alpine aports mailing list (, or to submit a merge request on GitLab.

Git Hooks

You can find some useful git hooks in the .githooks directory. To use them, run the following command after cloning this repository:

git config --local core.hooksPath .githooks