47540 Commits (devel)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Akira Yokochi 03b4d8f2a7 fixes option names in examples (#62706) 6 hours ago
  Xu Yuandong d6ef7c8530 module_utils-network-cloudengine: fix get_nc_next. (#62587) 6 hours ago
  Ganesh Nalawade bd8097ea91
Fix ios terminal regex for privilege escalation (#62479) 9 hours ago
  Andrey Klychkov 0530a08b67 postgresql: move CI tests to separate targets (#62732) 11 hours ago
  Andreas Olsson cb76be17d6 cloudflare_dns: Stick do RFC 2606 example domains (#62718) 11 hours ago
  Andreas Olsson fc6a37fe54 cloudflare_dns: Rename account_api_token parameter (#62707) 1 day ago
  Konstantin Alekseev 8cabf1c1d8 Support cloudflare API Tokens. (#62043) 2 days ago
  Felix Fontein c6dcf78f53 ACME modules: make compatible to Buypass ACME v1 CA, and fix bug in ACME v1 account update (#61693) 2 days ago
  Felix Fontein 2e5137078d
docker_login: fix Python 3 problem in #60381 (#62621) 2 days ago
  Felix Fontein a7b239708e acme_* modules: deprecate acme_version default, announce that ACME v1 support will be deprecated eventually (#61667) 2 days ago
  Mark Chappell 0239f70648 cloudtrail: Initial integration tests (#61919) 2 days ago
  Mark Chappell 40660e7f6e iam_role : support managing max session duration and deleting the instance profile it creates (#62014) 2 days ago
  James Mighion 679d3a46fa doc: fix typo (#62668) 2 days ago
  Sam Doran 987265a6ef
Account for empty strings when splitting the host pattern (#62442) 2 days ago
  Evgeni Golov 8d0c193b25 allow before/after diff to be NoneType (#62582) 2 days ago
  Will Thames bb0fa0a622 k8s: apply no longer the default behaviour (#62632) 3 days ago
  Major Hayden cced1a3cd1 ec2_vpc_subnet: Rename resource_tags > tags (#62663) 3 days ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder 5ecbe9cbbb vcenter provider: Only rely on VMWARE_TEST_PLATFORM 3 weeks ago
  Sandra McCann 170b4e63ff fixed options (#62605) 3 days ago
  chashtag 7cfcf18a8c Update (#62425) 3 days ago
  Sviatoslav Sydorenko 2969614c2c Fix link syntax and a typo in dev collections doc (#62650) 3 days ago
  Andrey Klychkov be9bf8cd15 postgresql: move CI test of *_publication, *_ext, *_slot to separate targets (#62646) 3 days ago
  Mario Lenz 0c66e7ef10 VMware: Remove mentions of enable_vsan from vmware_cluster_ha example (#62616) 3 days ago
  Will Medlar 6541bb0315 pids: Search for process name matches in the cmdline (#59318) 3 days ago
  Arvind Shyamsundar 41bfd2bf0e Include computer_name in VM instance facts (#62566) 3 days ago
  richardsonky 153a322f54 Master (#62626) 3 days ago
  yanzhangi 2a206f0e4c update ce_bgp_af to fix bugs (#62589) 3 days ago
  Gonéri Le Bouder cee55ab718 mongodb_replicaset/test: properly kill the nodes 3 days ago
  Jordan Borean 85eba9d860 Fix test_galaxy failing test 3 days ago
  Sandra McCann 7badeb6df0 [docs] split collections into user and dev guide sections (#62363) 3 days ago
  Sandra McCann 6d35f9026f added networking porting guide info (#61999) 4 days ago
  John Mahowald 4116d263c4 Add missing gcp modules to gcp module defaults group (#57779) 4 days ago
  Sloane Hertel 4cc4c44dd0
Add a representer for AnsibleUnsafeBytes (#62598) 4 days ago
  Zim Kalinowski c8e220a62e vm change to support specialized (#62586) 4 days ago
  Nathaniel Case 9a43a8fcfc
Display leftover messages when shutting down. (#62431) 4 days ago
  Andrey Klychkov 7b3d8431dd postgresql: move CI tests of *_tablespace, *_membership, *_idx to separate targets (#62575) 4 days ago
  Horst Gutmann 7047b66d34 Add examples for various inventory setups to the documentation (#62323) 4 days ago
  satunnainen 95525030e2 enables to set keys not present in existing config (#61607) 4 days ago
  Josh Souza 875cc156c9 Remove notifications for joshsouza (#62443) 4 days ago
  Andreas Olsson 70a33c3140 nsupdate: Don't mention the Microsoft DNS server (#62330) 4 days ago
  hyperized ea73e0c43a Update BOTMETA.yml (#62482) 4 days ago
  Xu Yuandong 7541dab1ef update to fix a bug. (#62417) 4 days ago
  Zim Kalinowski 558ce6575d
modify vmss to support specialized (#62571) 4 days ago
  Sumit Jaiswal 35463d45f4
Fix traceback empty config error to meaningful msg for IOS (#62538) 4 days ago
  Zim Kalinowski 054519920e
snapshot fix for backporting (#62559) 4 days ago
  Will Thames a684bb9f5b Ensure k8s apply works with check mode (#60572) 4 days ago
  Toshio Kuratomi bebb11b918 Disable setting of -s in shebang 4 days ago
  Rohit 978def38d8
error message updated (#62536) 4 days ago
  Matt Clay 1c64dba3c9 Fix plugin names for collection plugins. (#60317) 4 days ago
  yanzhangi cbe8271745 update ce_static_route to fix bugs (#62498) 4 days ago