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  花裤衩 1bc2e5c198 docs: add coupon 1 month ago
  花裤衩 9cc3fa732a perf: refine documentation button css 1 month ago
  花裤衩 44e23d00ca docs: add vue-java-admin-dashboard-spring 1 month ago
  花裤衩 8fd08c9167 docs: remove gitads 2 months ago
  花裤衩 5e7113935c docs: add GitAds 3 months ago
  Kerollos Magdy 46e11caafc
typo: replace Css with CSS (#3323) 3 months ago
  dyz ea60478304
perf[permission.js]: remove useless code (#3301) 3 months ago
  crayymumu fe22b3cd94
perf[Tinymce]: remove useless code (#3295) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 7c06214190
perf[chore]: remove preserveWhitespace config (#3280) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 73a9ab0379
fix[chore]: do not preload runtime.js (#3279) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 585391228e [release] 4.4.0 4 months ago
  Dihak ae2aa61880
bump: update to vue-cli@4 (#3028) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 f6d8204b0b [release] 4.3.1 4 months ago
  花裤衩 435db380d3 fix some typos 4 months ago
  qige2016 6d88db5c73
fix[plop]: set trim => trim() (#3254) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 1c943509f9 chore: update element-ui to 2.13.2 4 months ago
  花裤衩 4e7665c072
fix[v-permission]: support dynamic set roles (#3251) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 a87218e266 perf: lint code 4 months ago
  Silentdoer 7702b3d809
perf: remove unused showdown 4 months ago
  MaYuanhai a50180f653
fix[utils]: param2Obj bug when url params includes ==(#3100) 4 months ago
  Cat73 fc68f56d13
feat[Menu]: menu icon support el-icon(#3048) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 d3bd933a8e
refactor: change mock files to commonjs (#3246) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 0bf61aac53 chore: turn on the preload 4 months ago
  花裤衩 2ef49493c3 docs: fix wrong link 4 months ago
  花裤衩 f14805d0cd [release] 4.3.0 4 months ago
  花裤衩 c5abe7532c perf: change >>> ::v-deep 4 months ago
  Cat73 534cd5bc26
chore: change node-sass to dart-sass (#3040) 4 months ago
  花裤衩 f1feb2a86d [release] 4.2.2 4 months ago
  Edwin Betancourt 0ae5079b2a
docs: Improve read me files and changes in Spanish. (#3234) 4 months ago
  Nickbing Lao 6f80263b42
fix[css]: min btn width (#3164) 5 months ago
  cooper 5890499077
fix[parseTime]: fixed when pass null (#3038) 5 months ago
  AiMe1991 29b4ff636b
perf: when tags-view scroll close the right-menu 5 months ago
  花裤衩 e692876c28 docs: add tips 5 months ago
  garethx 6dacb783b2
feat: add option to try project on CodeSandbox (#2976) 5 months ago
  Phạm Ngọc Hòa a2784dd6ef
perf: change default element-ui language to english (#2741) 5 months ago
  花裤衩 fc26c3106f
fix: compatibility with vetur (#1700) 5 months ago
  ntnyq 9580c43a8e
fix[element-variables]: missing space in element-variables (#3144) 6 months ago
  Aisen 1b8f726529
perf[Tinymce]: editor try to keep these URLs intact (#3141) 6 months ago
  花裤衩 d4405464ce
fix: use vue-cli default source-map (#3097) 6 months ago
  Alex S 9d8c7edf91
fixed typo (#3091) 6 months ago
  花裤衩 6eccffeb2f
fix: svg support old broswer (#3085) 7 months ago
  花裤衩 f7a9d21109
Update 7 months ago
  花裤衩 993a6c72e8 docs: add smallsticker 7 months ago
  echofly 9e0435ac85
perf: format component names as PascalCase (#3074) 7 months ago
  Aisen60 776f10e197
fix:fixed parseTime bug in ie and safari(#3066) 7 months ago
  echofly c2a5a15956
fix[profile/UserCard]: fixed wrong key name (#3056) 7 months ago
  花裤衩 a45e64fcb2 perf: change script-loader to dependencies 8 months ago
  Shota Aratono fec25fedba
docs: improve Japanese translation (#2970) 8 months ago
  RoBlues d6816c547d
perf[Mock]: set responseFake to mock-server.js(#2966) 9 months ago
  李小斐 6850312e89 fix: fixed redirect path regex (#2933) 9 months ago