138 Commits (master)

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  花裤衩 a45e64fcb2 perf: change script-loader to dependencies 2 weeks ago
  花裤衩 b57f2008bd bump: update element-ui version 1 month ago
  itsccn 1909018dbd bump: update @vue/cli-plugin-eslint version (#2327) 7 months ago
  Pan 018c20a3f6 bump: update axios for security vulnerability 8 months ago
  Pan 054ed40e07 [release] 4.2.1 9 months ago
  bpzhang 5b943d71e9 chore: add autoprefixer to devDependencies 9 months ago
  Pan 2f5c2eebcd [release] 4.2.0 9 months ago
  Pan 131b9b9eff refactor[chore]: generate postcss.config.js instead of .postcssrc.js 9 months ago
  Pan 4dcd4fbbb1 [release] 4.1.0 9 months ago
  花裤衩 00a19db299
chore: remove i18n (#1828) 9 months ago
  Pan 120c78622d perf[jest]: clear jest test cache 10 months ago
  Pan aa9d48905f [release] 4.0.1 10 months ago
  Pan 342b7b428a fix[Chore]: add @vue/cli-plugin-eslint 10 months ago
  花裤衩 90b7c2fbde
feature[Mock]: mock-server support hot reload (#1850) 10 months ago
  花裤衩 b94e69be6f
[release] 4.0.0 (#1291) 11 months ago
  Pan 20f6150741 [release] 3.11.0 11 months ago
  Jere b8d47bd847 chore: update eslint && lint code 11 months ago
  Pan 9ed5db044f perf[deps]: move connect to devDependencies 1 year ago
  Pan 0fed69f367 perf[Screenfull]: refactor screenfull component 1 year ago
  花裤衩 c71f3110fb
feature[Navbar]: add header-search component (#1591) 1 year ago
  Pan ac8eddf3d7 update element-ui version 1 year ago
  Pan 68a19d55de fix[chore]: fix error when enable gzip 1 year ago
  Pan 3dd29ab07a chore: update webpack-dev-server 1 year ago
  Pan c98d578757 [release] 3.10.0 1 year ago
  Pan 46d6f455af fix[Guide-Page]: fix guide page style bug #1391 1 year ago
  花裤衩 b37a789f63 add tui.editor (#1374) 1 year ago
  Pan c6843f9646 update vue-router to fixed url path for non ascii urls #1362 1 year ago
  Pan 1d684b7632 [release] 3.9.3 1 year ago
  Pan baa7172a70 [release] 3.9.2 1 year ago
  Pan 90d3e314c0 [release] 3.9.1 1 year ago
  花裤衩 d1cceb69b7
feature: add pathToRegexp to compile path (#1148) 1 year ago
  Pan 371c8504c2 [release] 3.9.0 1 year ago
  花裤衩 24602755cd
refactor: svg icons (#1096) 1 year ago
  Pan 14e693339c chore: update screenfull to fix issue with Chrome 67+ 1 year ago
  Pan ba6bf3e217 fixed html-webpack-plugin version 1 year ago
  ZYSzys ccf1791fca chore: remove vue-multiselect (#1018) 1 year ago
  Pan d5a8fb1e71 [release] 3.8.1 1 year ago
  花裤衩 e5d4290938
refactor: add eslint-plugin-vue && lint code (#976) 1 year ago
  Pan a871e147d6 [release] 3.8.0 1 year ago
  花裤衩 378ca2c217
update to webpack4 (#889) 1 year ago
  Pan 63d39727ac [release] 3.7.3 1 year ago
  Pan f0a01f0fd1 [release] 3.7.2 1 year ago
  花裤衩 44fa96f142
chore: add lint-staged (#818) 1 year ago
  Pan e4481a9d34 fix[build.js]: fixed build bug in preview mode #819 1 year ago
  Pan 775f6f5f3a [release] 3.7.1 1 year ago
  Pan 31d9da8b9f [release] 3.7.0 1 year ago
  Pan 600e75d0a2 bump jsonlint #728 1 year ago
  花裤衩 d0f6d3f1f6
chore: use babel-plugin-dynamic-import-node to lazy-loading (#727) 1 year ago
  Heedong Im bd0227feed Upgrade vue-loader (#723) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 0a196f79ba
Add guide page #534 (#707) 1 year ago