1012 Commits (master)

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  Pan 3625f92041 fix[Tinymce]: fixed width bug 1 year ago
  anson f0ca1735d3 perf[Tinymce]: add width prop (#1951) 1 year ago
  Pan d8dbf92b47 tweak 1 year ago
  Pan 120c78622d perf[jest]: clear jest test cache 1 year ago
  Pan 7dc9e681bf docs: update readme 1 year ago
  toruksmakto 7ca42be603 perf[login.vue]: add tabindex for login form (#1933) 1 year ago
  dingangang ea91066b18 fix[mock]: fixed mock-server hot reload bug in windows (#1939) 1 year ago
  Pan 50d0957409 perf: optimize some small details 1 year ago
  花裤衩 806f960a80
perf[Views]: revise views/icons path (#1928) 1 year ago
  Pan 3f71147385 tweak 1 year ago
  Pan 154b75b47c perf[Sidebar]: add unique-opened option 1 year ago
  Tuan Duong 6a08c79bfb Change views/icons path 1 year ago
  yuntao1997 c00564617e fix[adaptive.js]: fixed v-el-height-adaptive-table directive bug (#1924) 1 year ago
  Pan 952da32879 perf[element-ui.scss]: refine default style 1 year ago
  Pan 3678bd18fb perf[Breadcrumb]: refine getBreadcrumb function 1 year ago
  Pan 4ee334ad83 perf[Breadcrumb]: set noredirect => noRedirect 1 year ago
  Pan 067a2910d4 Revert "perf: add functional to template" 1 year ago
  Pan 9ecec0970f perf: add functional to template 1 year ago
  花裤衩 be7ec4c0ff
docs: improve code comments (#1911) 1 year ago
  非空 26d0f40df2 feature: change page title when route change (#1910) 1 year ago
  linfei 14580da5b3 perf[Breadcrumb]: revise the breadcrumb navigation of permission and zip (#1908) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 fdea6c684a
refactor: standardized files name (#1884) 1 year ago
  Pan a6be6af46d perf: set private property names for vue 1 year ago
  Tuan Duong d0651ad2f2 perf: add jsdoc for utils and format some code (#1883) 1 year ago
  Pan 43ae8520b3 docs: update readme 1 year ago
  Pan 5dd98ea47f perf[mock-server]: optimize variable name 1 year ago
  Pan 035c7d78f1 docs: change some http links to https 1 year ago
  Pan aa9d48905f [release] 4.0.1 1 year ago
  花裤衩 9cba45e971
fix[Sidebar]: fixed external link bug (#1870) 1 year ago
  Pan dbee6ff707 refactor[mock-server]: refactor mock-server #1860 1 year ago
  derrick b627d3d0ba fix[TagsView]: fixed close last page bug(#1866) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 8f45dbe328
feature[Icons]: add element-ui icons demo (#1865) 1 year ago
  Pan 342b7b428a fix[Chore]: add @vue/cli-plugin-eslint 1 year ago
  Pan c833cb6efa perf[Chore]: optimization.splitChunks adapt cnpm module name 1 year ago
  Pan afb62edc58 fix[Sidebar]: fixed sidebar background css bug 1 year ago
  MaYuanhai 0358667a73 perf[Login]: password input add caps tooltip (#1845) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 e3b6602bbf
fix[Sidebar]: fixed sidebar scrollbar bug (#1853) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 79e2a604af
feature[Sidebar]: add activeMenu option (#1833) 1 year ago
  Pan 083a4ada9d perf[request.js]: optimize error message 1 year ago
  花裤衩 90b7c2fbde
feature[Mock]: mock-server support hot reload (#1850) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 f11839c8a4
docs: refine i18n (#1848) 1 year ago
  anson 7492e2097f fix[ErrorLog]: fixed error log dialog z-index bug (#1844) 1 year ago
  Pan 770753eff2 fix[request.js]: fixed missing return 1 year ago
  花裤衩 0d40222b64
fix[Drag]: fixed drag bug in firefox (#1841) 1 year ago
  Estelle00 e363c7a77b feature[Vuex]: auto import vuex modules(#1815) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 c923726464
fix[TagsView]: fixed z-index bug (#1836) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 43115e5538
perf: optimize page view name (#1835) 1 year ago
  Pan 184125bdd3 fix[Guide]: fixed missing component id 1 year ago
  Pan 25414f1fd9 fix[Guide]: fixed guide demo bug 1 year ago
  Pan cba0b789d0 chore: update issue template 1 year ago