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  Pan 4ad51be2db chore: add issue template 1 year ago
  MaYuanhai a1708e9b68 perf: select demo add default-first-option 1 year ago
  Pan 55fa5acb85 perf: optimize the code of el-table slot-scope 1 year ago
  Pan a8c6e11ee6 fix[Css]: fixed github-corner css bug 1 year ago
  Pan 26d1bf09fd fix[Mock]: fixed mock bug 1 year ago
  花裤衩 b94e69be6f
[release] 4.0.0 (#1291) 1 year ago
  MaYuanhai 96d3cfa215 perf[Login]: optimize input focus interaction (#1798) 1 year ago
  Pan 20f6150741 [release] 3.11.0 1 year ago
  Pan 7703005013 perf: remove redundant code 1 year ago
  zhu yu 9a5c404ef8 docs: fix typo (#1782) 1 year ago
  sun ao 9d975b5eff fix[Mock]: add xhr.responseType (#1779) 1 year ago
  MaYuanhai 331173ffee perf[Css]: fixed typo (#1776) 1 year ago
  Pan f890685d8d docs 1 year ago
  Pan fb30079477 docs 1 year ago
  Pan 3100d0cff4 fix[Sidebar]: fixed v-if meta bug 1 year ago
  Yuga Sun ae6bbf7858 fix[Utils]: fixed deepClone error msg (#1748) 1 year ago
  MaYuanhai 63dba8b7d8 perf[ThemePicker]: add predefine (#1743) 1 year ago
  toruksmakto ccb227fbec fix[Excel]: fixed export bug (#1736) 1 year ago
  Pan 715fe3e684 perf[Sticky]: refine demo 1 year ago
  Mrli2016 abb1d91a9e fix[Sticky]: fixed bug when set stickyTop 1 year ago
  花裤衩 d1f32a05a8
fix[HeaderSearch]: fixed bug in vue2.6+ (#1733) 1 year ago
  Pan e601da38d0 fix[Excel]: fixed export merge-header excel bug 1 year ago
  Jere b8d47bd847 chore: update eslint && lint code 1 year ago
  Pan 8d242a002f feature[Excel]: add export merge header excel demo 1 year ago
  小新 763b31d915 feature[Excel]: support export merged header export (#1718) 1 year ago
  Serge c963f56686 feature[Permission]: add role permission management page (#1605) 1 year ago
  yuntao1997 17f0d84b35 feature[Directive]: add auto-height table directive (#1702) 1 year ago
  Yunfei f38d5810d9 fix[utils]: fixed param2Obj not decoding plus sign (#1712) 1 year ago
  裤裆三重奏 cf48ed218b fix[Waves-Directive]: fixed v-waves does not support update (#1705) 1 year ago
  Jesonhu 9574643e92 fix[Tree-Table]: fixed update item data bug (#1692) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 8edf209498
fix[Sidebar]: fixed collapse animation problem (#1690) 1 year ago
  Pan 698df4942d docs: add link 1 year ago
  花裤衩 1e2fc52ac9
remove empty file 1 year ago
  Pan 3e92814f13 fix[Sidebar]: fixed nested router hover bug 1 year ago
  花裤衩 5ca6f79836
perf[Tree-Table]: organize the structure and add documentation (#1673) 1 year ago
  liugq dc6030bce6 perf[Tree-Table]: refactor tree-table (#1587) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 fc9e7249e7
fix[DragTable]: support multiple drag-table (#1666) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 9677406002
perf[TagsView]: set the scrollPane as a business component (#1660) 1 year ago
  Pan 1e06f1da67 perf[TagsView]: refine code 1 year ago
  MaYuanhai aa2eb7d40f perf[utils.js]: refactor byteLength function (#1650) 1 year ago
  kaisawind 6255f54f41 fix[TagsView]: fixed refresh affixed-tag bug (#1653) 1 year ago
  王洪莹 c2495545a5 perf[Sidebar]: optimize code logic (#1349) 1 year ago
  Pan fc277c75ee fix[Sidebar]: data should return a object 1 year ago
  frank10000 e544c01e63 fix[Sidebar]: fixed infinite loop bug(#1333) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 c0f378e50a perf[ResizeHandler]: optimized the judgment of isMobile (#1633) 1 year ago
  WangXinhai 6b88c41ffc perf[ThemePicker]: refine updateStyle function (#554) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 2e89ef444b
perf[Navbar]: add scroll bar when the subMenu is too long (#1619) 1 year ago
  Pan fe950801c9 perf[utils]: optimizate variable name 1 year ago
  Pan 070a3343f2 perf[utils]: optimize code 1 year ago
  花裤衩 48e47e86f1
fearure[TagsView]: add affix option (#1577) 1 year ago