898 Commits (6770963672fd52b32245b899f6c9c83966d6f5fb)

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  花裤衩 6770963672
perf[Tinymce]: dynamic import tinymce(#2102) 10 months ago
  Pan 131b9b9eff refactor[chore]: generate postcss.config.js instead of .postcssrc.js 10 months ago
  花裤衩 cd30d25459
perf[Login]: support other query (#2013) 10 months ago
  Yamel Senih d0fcbbaa28 perf[store]: add support to sub-modules (#2047) 10 months ago
  花裤衩 40431fdfc8
perf[Breadcrumb]: do not update breadcrumbs when go to redirect page (#2086) 10 months ago
  花裤衩 1e598e9684
fix: fixed change roles bug (#2072) 10 months ago
  花裤衩 be3dfac13b
feat[SvgIcon]: support import svg from url (#2052) 10 months ago
  liugq 4f620c4a0d perf[RightPanel]: tidy css (#2101) 10 months ago
  Pan 36060d5daf perf[Exapme]: set page title according to article id 10 months ago
  Yamel Senih a0b2014e85 docs[es]: add some translation(#2080) 10 months ago
  Yamel Senih dbfcc9dc19 docs: add support to readme for Spanish (#2070) 10 months ago
  Pan 45edf7b048 fix[redirect]: fix redirect bug in vue-devtool again 10 months ago
  Pan 2096ae1b6e perf[Tinymce]: update tinymce cdn version 10 months ago
  花裤衩 27df997915
fix[redirect]: fix redirect bug in vue-devtools (#2066) 11 months ago
  toruksmakto 3a4543478f feat[ErrorLog]: add a clear button in ErrorLog component (#2065) 11 months ago
  花裤衩 7b0d527bf9
perf[style]: refine dashboard style in mobile (#2060) 11 months ago
  Pan 0b8baeb14d fix[sidebar.css]: remove redundant css 11 months ago
  Pan 4ef0782189 chore: use mockjs in production environment 11 months ago
  Pan 0bf339b6db doc: add new article 11 months ago
  Pan 013f4fd91b perf[Style]: refine fixed-header style when open el-dialog 11 months ago
  Pan 2364fecbdd Revert "perf: optimize page scrolling when setting fixedHeader" 11 months ago
  花裤衩 7e8a6a4759
perf[Profile]: adapt the profile page to the mobile (#2020) 11 months ago
  Pan 4dcd4fbbb1 [release] 4.1.0 11 months ago
  花裤衩 00a19db299
chore: remove i18n (#1828) 11 months ago
  Pan e8e6c7e79c perf: optimize page scrolling when setting fixedHeader 11 months ago
  Pan 41318aa0d9 docs: tips for set port 11 months ago
  Pan 90af74eb40 perf[Example]: refine example demo 11 months ago
  Pan fd9ad8986c perf[Tinymce]: refine tinymce lang 11 months ago
  dolonfly 09a80688d2 fix[Example]: fixed display_time always NaN bug (#2001) 11 months ago
  linzhengen abac07820a feature: added ja lang (#1999) 11 months ago
  花裤衩 9e318f80ba
perf[Tinymce]: import tinymce from cdn (#1996) 11 months ago
  Pan 9c28b1dd92 fix[Mock]: add error handling 11 months ago
  Pan d4be15d9d9 perf: dashboard add cache 11 months ago
  Pan f24b64392e chore: set ci node version 11 months ago
  Tuan Duong c58e2078bc feature[profile]: add profile page (#1953) 11 months ago
  Pan f9f51986e6 perf: remove redundant svg 11 months ago
  Pan 3625f92041 fix[Tinymce]: fixed width bug 11 months ago
  anson f0ca1735d3 perf[Tinymce]: add width prop (#1951) 11 months ago
  Pan d8dbf92b47 tweak 11 months ago
  Pan 120c78622d perf[jest]: clear jest test cache 11 months ago
  Pan 7dc9e681bf docs: update readme 11 months ago
  toruksmakto 7ca42be603 perf[login.vue]: add tabindex for login form (#1933) 11 months ago
  dingangang ea91066b18 fix[mock]: fixed mock-server hot reload bug in windows (#1939) 11 months ago
  Pan 50d0957409 perf: optimize some small details 11 months ago
  花裤衩 806f960a80
perf[Views]: revise views/icons path (#1928) 11 months ago
  Pan 3f71147385 tweak 11 months ago
  Pan 154b75b47c perf[Sidebar]: add unique-opened option 11 months ago
  Tuan Duong 6a08c79bfb Change views/icons path 11 months ago
  yuntao1997 c00564617e fix[adaptive.js]: fixed v-el-height-adaptive-table directive bug (#1924) 11 months ago
  Pan 952da32879 perf[element-ui.scss]: refine default style 11 months ago