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  花裤衩 c7c815eef0 docs: add awesome-project 10 months ago
  Yamel Senih dbfcc9dc19 docs: add support to readme for Spanish (#2070) 1 year ago
  花裤衩 00a19db299
chore: remove i18n (#1828) 1 year ago
  linzhengen abac07820a feature: added ja lang (#1999) 1 year ago
  Pan 43ae8520b3 docs: update readme 1 year ago
  Pan 035c7d78f1 docs: change some http links to https 1 year ago
  花裤衩 b94e69be6f
[release] 4.0.0 (#1291) 1 year ago
  Pan f890685d8d docs 1 year ago
  Pan fb30079477 docs 1 year ago
  Pan ac8eddf3d7 update element-ui version 1 year ago
  Nikita Sobolev 1bb9283edd fix typo (#1505) 1 year ago
  Pan ea60729c0a add sponsors 1 year ago
  花裤衩 1a345a7c65
feature: add drag select component (#1249) 1 year ago
  Pan 0f6d830c19 update readme 1 year ago
  Chong Guo 62fb5d1e14 docs: add links to vue-typescript-admin-template (#1058) 1 year ago
  Pan 2938e33d0e tweak spelling mistake 1 year ago
  Pan 325120b653 docs 1 year ago
  Pan b2570f891d docs 1 year ago
  Pan fded36c990 docs: change vueAdmin-template => vue-admin-template 2 years ago
  Pan a871e147d6 [release] 3.8.0 2 years ago
  花裤衩 378ca2c217
update to webpack4 (#889) 2 years ago
  Pan 48a966fe1c docs: add gitee 2 years ago
  Pan 76327a8f26 update doc 2 years ago
  Pan 03b708870b update doc 2 years ago
  Liu Xinyu ae2ca072f5 fix: typo in readme (#798) 2 years ago
  HiiTea 9cf00fd63a fix typo (#784) 2 years ago
  花裤衩 0a196f79ba
Add guide page #534 (#707) 2 years ago
  Pan 44e94b2d16 doc: add gitter 2 years ago
  Pan 7099e6a3eb doc: update readme 2 years ago
  Pan 7003a79ef6 [release] 3.6.5 2 years ago
  Yuga Sun 26b84847dd fix: change tab char to 2 spaces (#522) 2 years ago
  Pan f9c4dd7af3 Fix typo 2 years ago
  花裤衩 112e3b977c
Update 2 years ago
  Pan dc35d1ae92 [doc]: fixed typo 2 years ago
  Pan 0d47e3454e perf[treeTable] 2 years ago
  Pan 2b51b987be fixed typo 2 years ago
  花裤衩 45fef9b431
Feature/english (#381) 2 years ago
  花裤衩 dc162093cc
refactor[core]: use webpack-dev-server now (#355) 2 years ago
  Pan 54e7ce2b76 bump deps: update some deps version 2 years ago
  Pan 0c80fba84c doc: update readme 2 years ago
  花裤衩 c32bd73b42
Update 2 years ago
  Pan 96a7035b1d doc:add new article 2 years ago
  Pan da24d61008 dump: update element-ui version 2 years ago
  Pan 394f366aac doc:update readme 2 years ago
  Pan 39d26068ec doc:update readme 2 years ago
  花裤衩 47a373803e
Update 2 years ago
  花裤衩 e8ad1f835c
Update 2 years ago
  花裤衩 925dbeb045
Update 2 years ago
  花裤衩 74cbb26209
Update 2 years ago
  Pan a10de2e8d8 [release] 2.2.0 2 years ago