34 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Denton Liu ad6dad0996 *.[ch]: manually align parameter lists 6 months ago
  Denton Liu 554544276a *.[ch]: remove extern from function declarations using spatch 6 months ago
  Jonathan Tan a97d00799a remote-curl: use post_rpc() for protocol v2 also 8 months ago
  Jonathan Tan 0bbc0bc574 {fetch,upload}-pack: sideband v2 fetch response 10 months ago
  Jonathan Tan fbd76cd450 sideband: reverse its dependency on pkt-line 10 months ago
  Jonathan Tan bc2e795cea pkt-line: introduce struct packet_writer 10 months ago
  Masaya Suzuki 2d103c31c2 pack-protocol.txt: accept error packets in any context 10 months ago
  Brandon Williams f1f4d8acf4 pkt-line: add packet_buf_write_len function 1 year ago
  Brandon Williams a4cfd41c7b pkt-line: add delim packet support 1 year ago
  Brandon Williams 77dabc14c4 pkt-line: allow peeking a packet line without consuming it 1 year ago
  Brandon Williams 2153d478b7 pkt-line: introduce packet_read_with_status 1 year ago
  Brandon Williams 5d2124b34a pkt-line: add packet_write function 2 years ago
  Jonathan Tan fa64a2fdbe sub-process: refactor handshake to common function 2 years ago
  Jeff King 7e936842f5 pkt-line: annotate packet_writel with LAST_ARG_MUST_BE_NULL 2 years ago
  Ben Peart c0c70f7ac0 convert: move packet_write_line() into pkt-line as packet_writel() 2 years ago
  Ben Peart 825b9226bf pkt-line: add packet_read_line_gently() 2 years ago
  Lars Schneider bb643d8bf8 pkt-line: add functions to read/write flush terminated packet streams 3 years ago
  Lars Schneider 038ce90f2f pkt-line: add packet_flush_gently() 3 years ago
  Lars Schneider 70428d1a52 pkt-line: add packet_write_fmt_gently() 3 years ago
  Lars Schneider 81c634e94f pkt-line: rename packet_write() to packet_write_fmt() 3 years ago
  Justin Lebar 01689909eb comments: fix misuses of "nor" 5 years ago
  Jeff King 4981fe750b pkt-line: share buffer/descriptor reading implementation 6 years ago
  Jeff King 74543a0423 pkt-line: provide a LARGE_PACKET_MAX static buffer 6 years ago
  Jeff King 047ec60205 pkt-line: move LARGE_PACKET_MAX definition from sideband 6 years ago
  Jeff King 819b929d33 pkt-line: teach packet_read_line to chomp newlines 6 years ago
  Jeff King 0380942902 pkt-line: provide a generic reading function with options 6 years ago
  Jeff King cdf4fb8e33 pkt-line: drop safe_write function 6 years ago
  Jeff King e148542870 pkt-line: move a misplaced comment 6 years ago
  Heiko Voigt 46284dd152 remove the impression of unexpectedness when access is denied 7 years ago
  Shawn O. Pearce f5615d2467 pkt-line: Add strbuf based functions 10 years ago
  Dennis Stosberg 07d68930c2 Fix pkt-line.h to compile with a non-GCC compiler 13 years ago
  Junio C Hamano 583b7ea31b upload-pack/fetch-pack: support side-band communication 13 years ago
  Timo Sirainen 4ec99bf080 [PATCH] -Werror fixes 14 years ago
  Linus Torvalds f3a3214e83 Make send/receive-pack be closer to doing something interesting 14 years ago