579 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Doan Tran Cong Danh 52f52e5ae4 sequencer: reencode commit message for am/rebase --show-current-patch 3 weeks ago
  Doan Tran Cong Danh 5772b0c745 sequencer: reencode old merge-commit message 3 weeks ago
  Doan Tran Cong Danh b375744274 sequencer: reencode squashing commit's message 3 weeks ago
  Doan Tran Cong Danh 019a9d8362 sequencer: reencode revert/cherry-pick's todo list 3 weeks ago
  Doan Tran Cong Danh 0798d16fe3 sequencer: reencode to utf-8 before arrange rebase's todo list 3 weeks ago
  Elijah Newren 15beaaa3d1 Fix spelling errors in code comments 4 weeks ago
  Phillip Wood 4627bc777e sequencer: run post-commit hook 1 month ago
  Phillip Wood 49697cb721 move run_commit_hook() to libgit and use it there 1 month ago
  Eric Wong c8e424c9c9 hashmap: introduce hashmap_free_entries 1 month ago
  Eric Wong 939af16eac hashmap_cmp_fn takes hashmap_entry params 1 month ago
  Eric Wong f23a465132 hashmap_get{,_from_hash} return "struct hashmap_entry *" 1 month ago
  Eric Wong 26b455f21e hashmap_put takes "struct hashmap_entry *" 1 month ago
  Eric Wong b94e5c1df6 hashmap_add takes "struct hashmap_entry *" 1 month ago
  Eric Wong d22245a2e3 hashmap_entry_init takes "struct hashmap_entry *" 1 month ago
  Phillip Wood b0a3186140 sequencer: simplify root commit creation 3 months ago
  Phillip Wood a47ba3c777 rebase -i: check for updated todo after squash and reword 3 months ago
  Phillip Wood 450efe2d53 rebase -i: always update HEAD before rewording 3 months ago
  brian m. carlson 4439c7a360 sequencer: convert to use the_hash_algo 3 months ago
  Elijah Newren 345480d1ed merge-recursive: don't force external callers to do our logging 3 months ago
  Elijah Newren b4db8a2b76 merge-recursive: remove useless parameter in merge_trees() 3 months ago
  Johannes Schindelin e1fac531ea rebase -r: do not (re-)generate root commits with `--root` *and* `--onto` 4 months ago
  Johannes Schindelin e145d99347 rebase -r: support merge strategies other than `recursive` 4 months ago
  Johannes Schindelin 68b54f669d sequencer: the `am` and `rebase--interactive` scripts are gone 4 months ago
  Rohit Ashiwal dcb500dc16 cherry-pick/revert: advise using --skip 5 months ago
  Rohit Ashiwal de81ca3f36 cherry-pick/revert: add --skip option 5 months ago
  Rohit Ashiwal 265ab48f26 sequencer: use argv_array in reset_merge 5 months ago
  Rohit Ashiwal 918d1e6ed8 sequencer: rename reset_for_rollback to reset_merge 5 months ago
  Rohit Ashiwal 6a1f9046a4 sequencer: add advice for revert 5 months ago
  SZEDER Gábor d7d90885e0 rebase: fix garbled progress display with '-x' 5 months ago
  Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy 34e7771bc6 Use the right 'struct repository' instead of the_repository 5 months ago
  Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy 5e57580733 tree-walk.c: remove the_repo from fill_tree_descriptor() 5 months ago
  Phillip Wood ed5b1ca10b status: do not report errors in sequencer/todo 5 months ago
  Phillip Wood 3e81bccdf3 sequencer: factor out todo command name parsing 5 months ago
  Phillip Wood d258dc16c1 sequencer: always allow tab after command name 5 months ago
  Phillip Wood 6df8df0831 rebase -r: always reword merge -c 7 months ago
  Phillip Wood 37e9ee5cb9 sequencer: return errors from sequencer_remove_state() 6 months ago
  Johannes Schindelin c3c003e722 sequencer: the `am` and `rebase--interactive` scripts are gone 6 months ago
  Phillip Wood 7d3488eb89 rebase -i: use struct commit when parsing options 7 months ago
  Phillip Wood fc4a6735ee sequencer: always discard index after checkout 8 months ago
  Denton Liu 1a2b985fb3 cherry-pick/revert: add scissors line on merge conflict 7 months ago
  Phillip Wood dc42e9a83a sequencer.c: save and restore cleanup mode 7 months ago
  Denton Liu f29cd8620d commit: extract cleanup_mode functions to sequencer 7 months ago
  Phillip Wood d74f3e5811 sequencer: fix cleanup with --signoff and -x 8 months ago
  Phillip Wood 4a72486de9 fix cherry-pick/revert status after commit 7 months ago
  Phillip Wood b07d9bfd17 commit/reset: try to clean up sequencer state 7 months ago
  Phillip Wood 6860ce5d8e cherry-pick --continue: remember options 8 months ago
  Phillip Wood f59199d5fa sequencer: break some long lines 8 months ago
  Johannes Schindelin 01710d0a3f sequencer: move stale comment into correct location 8 months ago
  Johannes Schindelin 8b637cdab0 sequencer: improve error message when an OID could not be parsed 8 months ago
  Alban Gruin ed35d18841 rebase--interactive: move transform_todo_file() 9 months ago