28 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Elijah Newren 15beaaa3d1 Fix spelling errors in code comments 1 month ago
  René Scharfe 5c34d2f03e trace2: add dots directly to strbuf in perf_fmt_prepare() 1 month ago
  Josh Steadmon 87db61a436 trace2: write discard message to sentinel files 2 months ago
  Josh Steadmon 83e57b04e6 trace2: discard new traces if target directory has too many files 2 months ago
  René Scharfe 1fd881d404 trace2: use warning() directly in tr2_dst_malformed_warning() 3 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler 742ed63345 trace2: cleanup whitespace in perf format 4 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler e34430556c trace2: cleanup whitespace in normal format 4 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler ad43e37839 trace2: trim trailing whitespace in normal format error message 4 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler 04f10d332f trace2: remove dead code in maybe_add_string_va() 4 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler da4589ce7e trace2: trim whitespace in region messages in perf target format 4 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler 371df1bea9 trace2: cleanup column alignment in perf target format 4 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler 5fdae9d3be trace2: fix tracing when NO_PTHREADS is defined 6 months ago
  SZEDER Gábor e4b75d6a1d trace2: rename environment variables to GIT_TRACE2* 6 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler 08881b9a4c trace2: make SIDs more unique 7 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler bad229aef2 trace2: clarify UTC datetime formatting 7 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler bce9db6de9 trace2: use system/global config for default trace2 settings 7 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler 39f4317744 trace2: add absolute elapsed time to start event 7 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler a089724958 trace2: refactor setting process starting time 7 months ago
  Josh Steadmon a4d3a283db trace2: write to directory targets 8 months ago
  Torsten Bögershausen ad006fe419 trace2: NULL is not allowed for va_list 8 months ago
  Jeff Hostetler ee4512ed48 trace2: create new combined trace facility 9 months ago